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 Heinie Glock sights, standard vs Race Cut
RaptorRage  [Member]
8/27/2006 4:50:16 AM EDT
Curious what would be considerd the pros and cons of using a Race Cut, wider rear notch Heinie sight (.140 or .156) compared to a standard width sight (.125). And would those points apply to both a standard black and Straight Eight tritium sight?
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BrianNH  [Team Member]
8/27/2006 5:34:15 AM EDT
I've used the standard Heinies and straight eights for many years and like them a lot. I understand the race cuts wider rear notch allows for faster acuisition of the front sight which is certainly a pro. I would imagine in theory though one may be giving up a slight amount of precision.

This would probably be a good question for the folks over at the "play pen" (glocktalk), as I believe there are many over there who use the Race cuts from CGR and I know he posts there as well.
Strazz  [Team Member]
8/27/2006 7:30:00 AM EDT
I've used both and prefer the race cut . The wider rear makes shooting quickly easier. I have standard Slant Pro rear on my G34, but I have a very narrow front sight. If I were using a standard width front sight, I'd definitely opt for the race cut. I don't think that there are any drawbacks.
MTUSA  [Member]
8/28/2006 7:57:44 AM EDT
When I buy my Heinie's I will go with the race cut due to my aging eyes.
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