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 ILLINOIS RESIDENT wanting to purchase guns in INDIANA
MPeperak  [Member]
10/22/2008 4:14:42 PM EDT
Hey guys I lived all my life in Indiana..had my carry permit..could buy anything and take it home that day etc....

I moved to Illinois about 2 years ago. Built a couple AR-15's since then, but havent bought any "complete" guns.

Going to a big gun show in Indianapolis on Friday and want to get it straight on:
1. Can buy a long gun and take it home that day?
2. Whats the law on buying handguns from a dealer in Indiana if you live in Illinois?
3. If i bought a pistol from an individual from Indiana, how can I get that transferred so its in my name?

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echofivekilo  [Team Member]
10/22/2008 4:48:34 PM EDT
As far as I know any firearm you purchase (other than C+R) must go thru a dealer in your state of residence.
cjk1  [Member]
10/22/2008 4:59:59 PM EDT

Originally Posted By echofivekilo:
As far as I know any firearm you purchase (other than C+R) must go thru a dealer in your state of residence.

Not the case. Longguns (rifle and shotgun) can be purchased in other states. I'm not certain if Illinois has additional restrictions that other states play ball on though, with their fuckered-up FOID and all.

phildabeast  [Member]
10/22/2008 6:22:37 PM EDT
handguns have to be transferd to dealer in illinois 72 hour wait longguns dont have to be transferd but might have to wait 24 hours . buy at gunshow today pick up at gunshow tomorrow . just have to check with dealers there
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GreenRifle  [Team Member]
10/25/2008 1:11:34 PM EDT
Check with the Indiana and Illinois Hometown forums.
cjk1  [Member]
10/25/2008 1:42:08 PM EDT
You could also call the Cabelas in Hammond, IN (Chicagoland area) at <a style="font-family: Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; color: rgb(56, 26, 17); font-size: 10px; text-decoration: none; line-height: 1.25em;">219-845-9040</a> and ask them about this. Assuming that they do firearms transfers, they should be familiar.

Walkure  [Team Member]
10/25/2008 7:46:03 PM EDT
Every Indiana dealer I knew when I lived in Illinois abided by the IL waiting periods on longarms when transferring to IL residents.

Handguns can only be purchased (or rather transferred) in one's state of residence, as per Federal law.

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