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 Carry Gun ( Snub Nose Revolver or Compact Semi-Auto )
KiddBear  [Member]
6/1/2007 2:05:25 PM EDT
I am looking to buy a gun for when i get my CWP..

I cannot decide between a Snub Nose Revolver in 38 +P and the Glock 19 or 26..

I shot a friends Glock 27, and MAN that thing is a beast.. I do not know how it would be in 9mm, i KNO less recoil, but how much less..

The 19 is nice since it has a light rail..

Main area i would carry is either ankle, or Thunderwear.. On my off-time i wear basketball shorts 90% of the time..

Please give me your insight on this..


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SGB  [Team Member]
6/1/2007 2:07:17 PM EDT
Take a look at the Kahr P9 & PM9
briansmithwins  [Team Member]
6/1/2007 2:09:12 PM EDT
Kahr PM in in a pocket holster. People can tell you have something in your pocket, but not what it is.

Just do the 200 round break in like Kahr suggests. BSW
3rdpig  [Team Member]
6/1/2007 2:21:22 PM EDT
The 9mm Glock 26 is a pussycat compared to the .40 Glock 27. Shoot the Glock 26 with both +P and non +P Speer 124 grain Gold Dots, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Recoil is mild and follow up shots are fast. Get the Concealable Control floorplates and you'll be in love. Smart Carry with a Glock 26 and basketball shorts should be a workable combination. And don't forget that the 26 can use the 17 round mags.

I had some pretty bad experiences with the polymer Kahr pistols and Kahr's customer service, or lack thereof. If I got a Kahr it would be one of the steel frame models. Unfortunately that still leaves you at the mercy of Kahr's customer non-service if you have a problem. Personally, I'd go with a J frame snubby before I'd bet my life on a polymer Kahr.
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ikor  [Team Member]
6/1/2007 3:39:18 PM EDT
I'd go with the G26 or maybe the new S&W MP in 9mm, lose the basketball shorts and carry IWB but that's just me.
irish2437  [Team Member]
6/1/2007 3:53:23 PM EDT
Kahr PM40......nice little bundle of joy!
mic214  [Team Member]
6/1/2007 4:49:48 PM EDT
I think the Glock 19 might be a bit large for ankle carry.....not sure about the "Thunderwear" as I have no experience with it. The G-26 would be a good choice with extra G-19 mags as personal EDC "No matter what" gun is a S&W 340PD loaded with 135 grain Speer Gold Dot .38spl +P's:

I use either a Galco or Don Hume pocket rig, depending on the clothing I am wearing.....
Nakanokalronin  [Member]
6/1/2007 10:42:52 PM EDT
Out of those 2 most people are going to say Glock because of the 9mm. I have a XD sub-compact and a Taurus 85 UL. The Taurus would conceal alot better abd with the Special Gold-Dots for Snub nose revolvers you definatly won't be under powered. My XD subcompact is definatly not as concealable but does hold more rounds and feels alittle better in the hands and accuracy is better to. Its all a compromise usually when you CCWing. Most people might tell you a full size 1911. If your able to do so I say go ahead! Most people can't though.
pulpsmack  [Member]
6/2/2007 7:16:48 PM EDT
"Truly concealable" Autos have better sights, capacity, caliber choice and a thinner profile than revolvers. The problem is that "truly concealable" autos are iffy regarding reliability unless a significant amount of money is spent on the front end or the back end of the weapons purchase.

Revolvers are lacking with respect to the sights, the caliber choice and (slightly) capacity as well as profile. Revolvers however, are an extremely reliable tool for all but the junkiest of makes, and there is something very reassuring with the ability to pull the trigger on another chamber the second you hear a "click" when you should hear a bang.

In my opinion there is no better option than a top of the line auto designed and tailored for CCW and reliability (or one designed for CCW and your smith tailored it for reliability). So if you are willing to throw as much $ as it takes down for the optimal piece then the top auto is the choice (don't ask what mine cost). BUT, if you must have true concealability and true reliability on a reasonable or affordable budget, the revolver is a better choice than the average untweaked auto designed for CCW.
Redbone  [Member]
6/2/2007 8:48:21 PM EDT
I would go with the J frame. I wear basketball shorts quite a bit and I don't even notice my 642. I carry it with the Clipdraw IWB in front of my appendix.
techres  [Member]
6/2/2007 10:51:43 PM EDT
There are all sorts of trades.

Personally I do not like the Glock because it is too thick and feels like strapping a short 2x4 in my belt (uncomfortable). The Taurus Milleniums are affordable but have a long handle that tends to print out the back of my shirt. The Kahr PM line would be perfect if I had a better job (pricey). And the Kel-tec's are perfect for concealment so long as I never have to shoot someone with a bigger gun than the Kel-tec.

So what do you do?

You carry the biggest thing you can get away with and that you can shoot well.

100% of the time I carry a P3AT in my back pocket and a spare magazine in a pocket. Nearly 90% of the time, clothing permitting, I have a J Frame 442 with the 135 +P ammo in an IWB holster. 5% of the time I have an OWB holster instead and carry a full sized Taurus PT 24/7 in .40.

Would I prefer to just carry a shotgun? Sure, but people might notice.

Plan on having options for weather and situation. Personally the J frame revolvers are a great starter gun because they are plenty powerful, inexpensive, flexible (for IWB or Pocket Holsters), and have a reliability record that is remarkable.

Get your feet wet with the wheelgun and then move up to something bigger. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you will have only one CCW firearm. You will soon enough find yourself with as many firearms as my wife has purses and shoes.
Nakanokalronin  [Member]
6/3/2007 9:15:26 AM EDT

Originally Posted By techres:
Don't fool yourself into thinking that you will have only one CCW firearm. You will soon enough find yourself with as many firearms as my wife has purses and shoes.

I have 4 CCW guns with holsters. 2 with pocket and OWB holsters. However I can't CCW in my state but do have a CCW permit for PA. I'm trying to be an optimist and think that one day we will have CCW in my state.
pulpsmack  [Member]
6/3/2007 12:43:42 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Nakanokalronin:
I have 4 CCW guns with holsters. 2 with pocket and OWB holsters. However I can't CCW in my state

Classic Arfcom post

lagadelphia  [Member]
6/3/2007 5:24:29 PM EDT

Originally Posted By pulpsmack:

Originally Posted By Nakanokalronin:
I have 4 CCW guns with holsters. 2 with pocket and OWB holsters. However I can't CCW in my state

Classic Arfcom post

Add magazines for firearms you don't own and ammo in calibers you don't own and you've hit the trifecta
Nakanokalronin  [Member]
6/3/2007 9:50:13 PM EDT
Hey now, I bought the holsters for any state I would goto with my PA permit that allows non-res. CCW holders. I did'nt buy the guns specifically for CCW but just so happened they could be used as such. Its is funny that I have CCW setups with no way to do it. We're all hoping here in Illinois though. The way things are going here though it would be easier to move out of the state.

This is the Carry Issues section and me living in Illinois is a Carry Issue.
Roguelawyer  [Member]
6/4/2007 2:51:45 PM EDT
I was checking out a few CC autos. The Kel Tec .380, Sig P232, Walther PPK, Bersa Thunder .380 and the Kahr CW 9. The Kahr seemed pretty decent. I liked the trigger better than the Kel Tec and Bersa. I sure like 9mm over .380. I was told by the gunstore owner that I would find the Kahr as reliable as any of the others.

I really liked the way the P232 fit my hand but it was really expensive.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Kahr CW9 and the P 9?

Any thoughts?
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