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 Value of Tantal parts kits?
BOOM__STICK  [Member]
3/12/2011 6:09:32 PM EDT
Mods if this is posted int he wrong place, please move and forgive me. I'm still getting to know this forum.

Picked up a couple Tantal kits today at a gun show and wondering what they are worth?

One appears brand new/un-issued, and the other issued/fired with significant wear on the dust cover finish, ect... They are both complete minus the barrel, magazine and receiver.

I looked around a bit online and most places seem to be sold out of them, however going price seemed to be around $400. Though for that price those kits all had barrels too.

I'm thinking $150-$175 on the issued/worn one, and $200-$250 on the un-issued one?
Am I close?

Thinking of throwing them on the EE. They were kind of an impulse buy at the time and now I'm not feeling it when it comes to doing a build.
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