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 Beryl Clone Optic?
acr1  [Member]
1/27/2011 6:57:57 AM EST
I have a Beryl clone I have been working on for some time that is getting close to completion. I have tried an EOtech on it, but it sits so high that it is not my first choice in optics. Has anyone here seen these rifles used with anything else? Perhaps and Aimpoint or Aimpoint Micro?
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Liquidmetal  [Team Member]
2/1/2011 1:48:19 AM EST
I know I have seen a few scattered pics of Poles running Aimpoints on Beryls, maybe it was on Whatever the case, I did not save the pics.

L3/Eotech must have a fairly substantial contract with the Poles, those Eotechs are everywhere...
acr1  [Member]
2/2/2011 1:56:07 PM EST
I really like the EOtech, but it makes shooting this rifle less comfortable than it could be. Thanks for the reply.