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 Tantal Stock
verticaltech  [Member]
7/23/2010 3:38:06 PM EDT
Hello my fellow Tantal buddies. I have a simple question. Is it possible to change the side folder stock with a standard K-var or Tapco stack? and how would I go about it.
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hemiman  [Member]
7/23/2010 3:40:00 PM EDT

Unscrew the Side folder...pull it off....Put fixed buttstock on and buy appropriate screw to screw in original rear trunion...

I did, couple posts down...
verticaltech  [Member]
7/23/2010 3:43:24 PM EDT
Thanks man, I couldn't tell if it was riveted or not. appreciate it.
Roadie  [Member]
7/25/2010 9:06:09 AM EDT
I see this question a lot in this forum, maybe it should have a sticky.
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lambo  [Member]
7/30/2010 8:52:50 PM EDT
the tantal rear trunion has roll pins holding the folder in also. make sure you drive those out before banging on it.
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