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 Polish Milled Receivers....again ?
site351  [Team Member]
7/23/2010 1:52:13 PM EDT
I see a few of the Polish Aks on the internet, but one guy is advertising the receiver

is a Milled Polish...and says nothing about it being American Made as others do...

whats the deal...? Any true Polish receivers to be had ?
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Molive  [Team Member]
7/23/2010 2:07:29 PM EDT
Do you have a link to the rifle in question?
site351  [Team Member]
7/23/2010 2:26:48 PM EDT

hope that works.....

I actually just got off the phone with the guy...he called back...

Its a American made receiver. But if you look..he says its Polish made.

I looked at the rest of these on Gunbroker and they are all Century pretty much.

How are these receivers holding up....anyone know? Heat treated correctly ?

I do like this particular one the guy is the stock set....

Molive  [Team Member]
7/23/2010 8:07:22 PM EDT
That looks like the Century one to me and while I've heard nothing but good things about them IMHO it is a little high. Atlantic Firearms had them for $700 but it looks like they have what I like to call the "Grenade Launcher Version" which were originally priced at the same as the one you are looking at IIRC. If it is everything you want though I would say jump on it because most of these are coming with different stock sets, most appearing mismatched. Here are some threads and reviews on them.
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site351  [Team Member]
7/24/2010 8:46:55 AM EDT
Molive....thanks....Helpful....Very Helpful !
fistpoint  [Member]
9/5/2010 4:04:28 AM EDT
He is simply missing a comma. The rifle "is" Polish(parts kit), and the receiver is milled.

Polish, milled receiver AK-47.
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