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 tantal parts I need this?
cyclone  [Team Member]
1/27/2010 5:11:38 PM EDT
Do I need to purchase a new retainer plate for the fire control group, or can I use the one in the kit?
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BarGunner  [Team Member]
1/31/2010 1:11:04 PM EDT
If you use a NDS-2T receiver for the build and are going to use the left side selector parts (for show), then you can modify the burst control unit to make your retainer plate. The instructions come with the NDS-2T receiver and are easy to follow. The modified piece works excellent.
I haven't done a Tantal on any other receiver so I don't know how it would work with another brand receiver or if you didn't use the left side selector parts.
kar98k  [Life Member]
1/31/2010 3:33:48 PM EDT

I have Tantals built on NDS-2 receivers. They have Bulgarian selector levers with no left side parts. I have no idea if the selector plate could be modified and used as a retainer with this configuration. All of my AKs have retainer plates from AK-builder... which is the exact same plate as sold by RedStar/PowerCustom/GrandMaster.

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