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 Another Century Tantal Report.....
sawgunner73  [Member]
11/24/2009 4:57:39 PM
.....although this one is a positive report.

Bought a Century Tantal a couple days ago. S/N Y0030**, 1990 kit with all numbers matching. First thing I did was the "bullet test" and it passed that easily, with 1/8" of bullet still showing. Barrel is six-groove, and 1/9 twist according to the tag. The fit and finish of the rifle is very good, although mags are a little tight. Shot it today for the first time, light rain and about 50 degrees, shooting both Wolf 60 gr FMJs and Wolf MC 70 gr FMJs at 25 and 50 yds for initial sighting in (100 yd line was filled with the hunters). Shot a total of 100 rounds at a semi-rapid pace, as time was limited. Rifle shot pretty accurate at those distances, and no keyholing of any kind. No malfunctions of any kind either. Will update as I get to shoot this rifle more in the next couple of weeks.

The only gripe I have at this time is how Century uses corrosive Bulgarian ammo to "test fire' the rifle, but they don't clean it. Barrel was a sewer when I got it, and took awhile to get fully cleaned.No pitting or corrosion though, just a lot of elbow grease to get the lands cleaned out.
MyGrassIsBlue  [Member]
12/3/2009 2:46:21 AM
I have Y00031* and it shoots great.

I agree, shooting the corrosive for testing and then shipping it out isn't cool. Mine was in the same condition when I got it, and was a royal pain in the ass to get clean.

Glad to hear another good report.
gewamser  [Member]
1/15/2010 3:34:41 PM
I have Y00038 and mine also is a 1/9 and it also shoots great. mine was spotlessly clean out of the box, but it had a slightly canted front site which I fixed myself in about 10 min. I love the rifle. I added a Polish pistol grip from APEX for $10 and it came in a deep red bakelike, which I like, but now i got 3 different colors of furniture on the weapon!
MyGrassIsBlue  [Member]
1/29/2010 10:42:37 PM
Huh. I got a grip from Apex and it seemed to match pretty good
DiamondEyes  [Member]
6/25/2010 1:20:48 PM
Shot mine for the first time, put about 100 rds through it - flawless performance - I was surprised how hot the for-grip got! It is also a Y00030* 1991 w/ 1/9 twist barrel. I used Wolf and Brown Bear ammo. 25 yards I could hit a playing card without fail. 50-100 yards still very accurate w/ no sign of keyholing whatsoever. I am very pleased.
gewamser  [Member]
6/27/2010 6:25:52 PM
My pistol grip matches the deep red of the top hanguard closer than the bottom. I originally bought mine just to have an example of an AK-74 but over time, the tantal has become one of my favorite and most used rifles. I shoot it almost every weekend. I am fortunate enough to live in a wilderness area, so it is my truck gun, and is deadly accurate with Wolf 70 grainers out to 100 yards. It is light, impervious to the weather, and lethal on varmints. In the woods a 100 yard shot almost never happens, 35 yards is more like it...and my sights are dead nuts on. My only gripes? It's a little difficult to get ammo up here in the boonies, and my rifle is one of those with the "screw-type" take down for the upper handguard-gas tube, which is the only poorly thought out feature on the early Tantals. Careful as I can be, the screw will eventually wear out.
The_Beer_Slayer  [Site Staff]
6/27/2010 7:23:47 PM
my magwell was tight as hell also. a little LIGHT grinding inside the magwell with a low speed dremmel fix that issue quickly. polished it smooth and every mag i have found fits perfectly now.
agillig  [Team Member]
6/30/2010 10:36:47 AM
So is it safe to say I can buy a Tantal without fear? How useable is that folding stock?
The_Beer_Slayer  [Site Staff]
6/30/2010 1:13:56 PM
Originally Posted By agillig:
So is it safe to say I can buy a Tantal without fear? How useable is that folding stock?

i took a chance and mine is fine. others don't know. i do know my local shop has sold a pile of them in the last year and had no returns on them.

the stock is what it is. the recoil is so light it works for what it is designed for. i wrapped mine with paracord and it works ok for me.
ComputerGeekGunFreak  [Member]
7/5/2010 7:36:36 PM
Originally Posted By agillig:
So is it safe to say I can buy a Tantal without fear? How useable is that folding stock?

In my opinion, the wire right side folding stocks, like that on the Tantal, some of the Romanians, and E. Germans, sucks. Cheek weld is terrible. I replaced mine with a plum K-var.

WTex  [Member]
7/12/2010 6:40:30 AM
Mini looks like Compter Geeks, replaced the folder with a black Kvar stock, couldn't stand trying to look through the sights with the folder on.
MyGrassIsBlue  [Member]
7/12/2010 2:50:54 PM
I agree about the horrible cheek weld, and will probably replace the wire stock in the future.

Right now though, I have the Polish strap I got wrapped around the end of the stock (with rubber butt pad), and it's tight enough to get a cheek weld on.
For the time being it's not so bad, but like I said, I believe an upgrade is in my tantal's future.