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 Galil Experts: Post ban Sporter Auction on GB
762AP  [Member]
11/21/2010 2:27:15 PM EST
I saw this the other day. Not sure if it's one of the Mossbergt imports of 2000 or one of the later ones, but I'm pretty sure this is a post ban imported receiver with a used parts kit installed. Any experts care to give their opinion on it?

FWIW, I did e-mail the person selling it and give them my limited info regarding the imported receiver Sporters, wouldn't want anyone to crap out a bunch of money for a post ban non compliant piece.
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woofum  [Team Member]
11/21/2010 4:08:12 PM EST
Hard to tell and I'm no expert.
The box says action arms..if that's the original box
762AP  [Member]
11/21/2010 4:55:13 PM EST
Box is not original. Rexeiver is marked "Galil Sporter, IMI Israeli", they were post ban receivers brought in around 2001.
woofum  [Team Member]
11/21/2010 5:27:26 PM EST
Yeah I figured that ...duh
I did post the auction over at Galiltalk