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 Golani zeroing questions/issues
XM287  [Member]
6/11/2010 10:20:57 AM EDT
Went to zero my Golani today and ran into a snag. I got the elevation nailed perfectly but the windage adjustment is off. The groups were too far left, so I began moving the FS windage screw clockwise, which started to bring the groups to the center. I went to confirm zero and the groups were back where they started, way left. The kicker is that screw was so tight it took one guy holding the gun and the other beasting a screw-driver.

What gives? Im a ratard and moving the screw in the wrong direction? I did notice that the protective ring around the front sight looks like it may be a little crooked, like it may have been impacted by something?

any opinions?
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pmiya  [Member]
6/11/2010 6:55:46 PM EDT
For windage you have 2 screws, you have to loosen one and tighten the other.
hkusp  [Member]
6/12/2010 7:14:13 PM EDT
Anyone have an elevation tool ? I would like to adjust my front sight up or down.
Tenngalil  [Member]
6/15/2010 7:07:28 AM EDT
A couple of places had them.
24hourtactical had some.
A member on uzitalk was making some.

My advise is get a cheap flat tip screw driver.
Cut the outside where it will fit through the hole.
Use a dremmel with a disc and slot the center until it fits the sight post.
You'll have an all in one sight tool.
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gewamser  [Member]
6/18/2010 11:42:25 AM EDT
Go online and google the Galil manual, download it and read the section on zeroing their rifles...same for the Golani. My diopeter sights are perfectly registered, and the Golani is very accurate.
woofum  [Team Member]
6/19/2010 8:26:13 AM EDT
A valve stem tool, the red kind with two sizes like this:
These work great on a Galil
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