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 Galil with a shorter barrel (What's involved?)
saigamanTX  [Member]
12/26/2009 7:39:58 AM EDT
What would you need to do to shorten a barrel on a galil (looking more at the South African style) Technically I guess it makes it a sbr but I'd still like to know the process :D
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Dawg180  [Team Member]
12/26/2009 11:30:41 AM EDT
Pull the barrel (unscrew it), remove the gas block and other hardware, and turn on a lathe to turn down/rethread the front/

Tenngalil over at is recognized ast he best guy to do this, his company is called hillbilly arms.

If you want a shorty with going SBR, have it chopped down to 14.7" and have the flash hider peramanently attached, gets you pretty close to the look of a Galil SAR.

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