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 Is this normal?
travinh  [Member]
7/28/2009 3:39:39 PM EDT
My Golani hammer does drop even its bolt was not battery.
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briansmithwins  [Team Member]
7/29/2009 6:21:57 AM EDT
When you say ‘hammer does drop’, what do you mean?

When you pull the trigger? When you release the trigger? If you hold the trigger back?

Normally, the hammer can drop anytime it’s clear of the bolt carrier.

On the original design, the autosear prevents the hammer from dropping if the bolt carrier isn’t fully forward. Of course, you need a full auto rifle to have a autosear so that feature is missing on most Golani rifles.

The tail of the bolt carrier should prevent the hammer from hitting the back of the bolt unless the bolt’s already locked. BSW
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