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 are there any good Golani rifle out there?
madmerc  [Member]
3/20/2009 11:20:15 AM EDT
Just wondering if there any good golani copys out there every rifle i hear is haveing problems i like the rifle but will not put out the cash for rifle that i keep hearing problems. ARE THERE ANY GOOD ONES OUT THERE?
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wetidlerjr  [Life Member]
3/20/2009 4:02:15 PM EDT
As I have said repeatedly here, mine is fine. I had a couple of minor issues and they were taken care of by Tenngalil.
Melvin_Johnson  [Member]
3/20/2009 4:43:19 PM EDT
I've got two. My first one has been reliable and is with Jeff (tenngalil) now getting a 13" SAR front end installed.

The 2nd one is back at Century now. It is an unreliable piece of junk.

What's the difference? I'm guessing mainly the worn out variety of parts used to build both guns.
cuate  [Team Member]
3/20/2009 5:11:55 PM EDT
I also have a reliable GLM 2XXX CAI Golani. There was a couple of things that didn't amount to much and easily taken care of by me. This knowledge was gained by reading reports from Tenngalil and other knowledgable Galil owners and builders. Without them it would have been more difficult to resolve these small problems. My hat is off to them. I really love my Golani and it is vary accurate for my level of marksmanship, Nathan at MSA has shipped my mag adapter and I am awating the arrival of that to try out AR15 mags.
Stumps  [Team Member]
3/20/2009 8:36:39 PM EDT
Mine is marked

Galil Sporter Cal. 223
Century Arms INC.

and the serial number is GAL007xx. I have never had any problem with it at all. The closest thing to a problem I have noted is that it dents the mouth of the expended rounds cases.

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WarHound55  [Member]
3/25/2009 10:43:19 AM EDT
I have a good one as well, just not in 5.56nato. As a .223 Wolfhound it is flawless. It still is hitting low on the feed ramp and needs raised, but it runs. 5.56 had FTE's every second round.

GAL#032** Ser. #
gewamser  [Member]
3/25/2009 12:43:24 PM EDT
As I've said before, mine, in the 2000 range has run flawless since I got good mags for it...and I have over 2500 rounds through it now. Nearly all Wolf 55 gr. it's pretty accurate too! No peening. It seems to me, that to get a good Golani, you had to be lucky enough to get a good reciever, matched to a good kits done by someone at Century who knew what they were doing on a good day!
panzersergeant  [Life Member]
3/25/2009 4:55:37 PM EDT
Mine shoots fine. The more I shoot it, the more I like it.
It's a CAI Golani; I got the last one Classic Arms had.

AR-Builder-Upper  [Member]
4/4/2009 8:30:18 AM EDT
I'm worried. I pick mine up Monday. Should I immediately send it to Tenngalil, or lube the hell out of it and take it to the range first?
Could I be safe, buying it this late in the game, that all of the bugs are worked out and the receiver is hard enough?
Will I have to send it to Tenngalil anyway to take care of the feeding issue?
panzersergeant  [Life Member]
4/4/2009 9:42:30 AM EDT
Originally Posted By AR-Builder-Upper:
I'm worried. I pick mine up Monday. Should I immediately send it to Tenngalil, or lube the hell out of it and take it to the range first?
Could I be safe, buying it this late in the game, that all of the bugs are worked out and the receiver is hard enough?
Will I have to send it to Tenngalil anyway to take care of the feeding issue?

Lube it up and cycle a few dummy rounds through it. Take it to the range for a shake down. I had the same concerns as you until I took it to the range. Mine is a good shooter. I believe most of them are good shooters judging by the reports I've read here and elsewhere. Since it is put out by Century there is a better than even chance you might get one with problems. I paid $629 for mine (it came with a bayonet lug) about 10 weeks ago. I see them at shows and gun stores around here being sold from 800-1200 bucks.

The only unusual issue with mine is the brass gets dented on the upturned charging handle as it is being ejected. Since I don't reload it isn't really an issue to me at all.

You pays your money and takes your chances.

Good luck and let us know how yours shoots.
AR-Builder-Upper  [Member]
4/8/2009 3:04:01 PM EDT
I haven't been this happy in a while!

See my thread: Another Happy Customer
Devildog7781  [Member]
6/29/2009 7:27:35 AM EDT
I've had mine (GAL 2XXX) since April.
I guess I am one of the lucky ones - so far.
The first time out, I had one FTF. That was cured by using the second magazine that came with the weapon.
Now some 300 rounds later, all seems well - except for the ever loosening flash hider.
I am going to drill and tap a small set screw to solve the issue.
gewamser  [Member]
6/29/2009 11:58:47 AM EDT
There is a thread down further below that tells how my Golani is holding up VERY well, I consider it a total bargain for what I paid for it: $599....
BM-ARM-DPMS-guns  [Team Member]
6/29/2009 12:05:38 PM EDT
Mine's been fine from the get-go!
pmiya  [Member]
6/30/2009 8:16:32 AM EDT
I just received my Golani back from Century yesterday. The left lug of the bolt had sheared off. I had shot about 500-750 round through it before the major malfunction. The left lug was not making contact with the receiver when a round was chambered, I had checked it with dummy rounds with the bolt out of the carrier. When the round was chambered there was space behind the left lug and the right lug was making contact. It would close on a NO-GO gauge but would not close on a FIELD. I was having some problems with case stretching, I also had an issue with the flash suppressor coming loose the first time out and the front sight had to be adjusted almost all of the way to the right.

It will close on a NO-GO and will not close on a FIELD gauge. I won't have a chance to get and out test fire the rifle for a few days.

The serial number is: GAL038XX

UPDATE Friday 07-03-09. Was able to test fire the Golani. After firing 35 rounds I checked the brass. Some of the brass was showing signs of case stretching, I fired another 20 rounds and every one showed signs of case stretching. I checked the headspace and the bolt will not lock up on a FIELD gauge. 55 rounds with the new bolt and the headspace is bad. I have sent a message to Century advising them of the problem.
pmiya  [Member]
7/13/2009 7:04:40 AM EDT
Last Friday I dropped my Golani off at UPS and it's on it's way back to Century. This time they are paying for the shipping. I measured the cases that were fired out of the Golani. The fired brass showed lengths from 1.783 to 1.786 inches, rounds fired out of a SIG556 were 1.752 to 1.756. The rounds fired out of the Golani are all in excess of maximum case length for a .223 (1.76 inches).

I think the only fix for the rifle is either to rebarrel and recut the chamber or set the barrel back and recut the chamber, but neither of those options will take care of the issue with the left bolt lug not making contact with the receiver.

EDIT: Corrected the max length for a 223.
AR-Builder-Upper  [Member]
7/15/2009 7:40:28 AM EDT

a37b  [Member]
7/16/2009 4:19:08 PM EDT
I paid 599.00 for mine sn xxx7xx 200 rounds and no problems whatsoever, it is also very accurate. It kicks less than my ar15s.
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