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 Is a 7.62x51 SKS for real or not?
savageman101  [Team Member]
3/26/2009 6:46:42 AM EST
On the EE forum there is a 7.62x51(.308)listed for sale or trade.Is there such a thing??
He lists it as a "Ultra rare matching numbers,Sino-Soviet SKS in 7.62x51.

Thanks SKS folks

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osprey21  [Life Member]
3/26/2009 7:33:02 AM EST
Doubt it.

53vortec  [Team Member]
3/26/2009 7:44:24 AM EST
Never heard of such a thing.

Highly unlikely.
foreman2000  [Member]
3/26/2009 12:19:55 PM EST
sounds like a hoax to me but really the sk is only 7.62x39
Losing_Streak  [Team Member]
3/26/2009 12:32:08 PM EST
Originally Posted By 53vortec:
Never heard of such a thing.

Highly unlikely.


The only way this could be possible, is if somebody did some custom work to the barrel.
res45  [Member]
3/26/2009 12:50:11 PM EST
A lot more work than just the barrel,mag is to short by a half inch or so to accept the round so the receiver would have to be modified also. I've seen this question come up before but in my many years of dealing with SKS rifle I've have never seen anyone actually produce one in any shape or form.
Jtrout141  [Member]
3/26/2009 12:57:52 PM EST
This person would have to provide a huge amount of pictures to prove this is real. My bet is you'll get pics of bigfoot first.
Tacticalpancake  [Member]
3/26/2009 3:21:06 PM EST
I own a Sino-Soviet SKS. It is in 7.62x39. Guy probably got his 7.62mm calibers mixed up.
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