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 Romak 991 High Cap Magazine
kevins7189  [Member]
3/11/2008 1:24:29 PM EST
I purchased a Romak 991 (that is what is scribbled on it), that was sold to be as a WASR-10. Didn't know much about these (impulse buy), but I have a few questions. First I guess I didn't get a WASR-10, since it is scribbled on it Romak 991. It was sold with a 30rd magazine attached. I do not know and not sure how to tell if it was modified for a high cap mag or what. But, what is a real pain is when I put the high cap mag on, it is nearly impossible to get off without flipping the gun over and pusing on the mag and eventually getting it released. The mag release seems to meet up with the mag very tight to the point where it doesn't want to release easily. It seems to load/shoot/eject just fine though.
Any suggestions on where I might start looking to see
if it is modified
how to fix the hard to release magazine

I tried a pro-mag and that barely goes in at all without a lot of effort. I can provide pics if that would make it easier for someone to help me out.

thank you
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Exothermia  [Member]
3/12/2008 10:49:28 AM EST
Those shipped as low-capacity guns so it was probably converted by a previous owner. Most likely it needs a little fine tuning in the mag well to allow mags to load easier. You should be able to do it yourself, just be careful because if you loosen it too much the mag will wobble freely. Turn the gun over and slowly push the mag in and note where it's hanging up. A file or a dremel (used carefully) should solve the problem.
kevins7189  [Member]
3/16/2008 2:47:33 PM EST
thank you for replying. I have a picture here which is confusing me, it seems like I should be able to tell where this was already modified, but it looks very clean to me. Not having another ak sitting here I cannot compare the mag wells, but this site is what I am comparing to and don't see the burs referred to here.
The symptom is that the magazine goes on and snaps in securly, but the release basically does not work without seriously cranking the magazine down and toward the barrel.
I'm willing to tweak it I'm just not sure where to start. thanks in advance for any tips
Exothermia  [Member]
3/16/2008 3:57:31 PM EST
At the front of the magwell, on the left side of your picture, that front edge should be straight. It comes to a little plateau in the middle on yours. They obviously routed out the sides but not the very front of the magwell. That might be what's causing your problem.
kevins7189  [Member]
3/16/2008 7:20:01 PM EST
thanks again for the reply, in comparing the pictures from the link above and mine they both have the plateau you speak of, is this a case of some need it and some don't? I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing here. Should I strive more for straight across or more curved/rounded?

gunset romainian ak site

and mine
Exothermia  [Member]
3/17/2008 7:31:44 AM EST
I wouldn't go off that picture, that one was probably hogged out by Century as well. Here is a link to an AK receiver template. You can see what the magwell should look like.

You can print it off and use it as a guide for yours. It's hard to say exactly where yours is hanging up without looking at it in person.
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