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 AMD-65 Front Handguard Change
mafiaman  [Member]
12/15/2008 12:47:05 PM
I have a Century Arms AMD-65 Side Folder that I want to change the front handguard to something with a picatinny rail on both sides and bottom and use a standard vertical grip. There's tons of foregrips on cheaper than dirt but I'm confused on which ones will fit. I know somebody on here has done this can you post details and possibly pictures? Thanks in advance.
mafiaman  [Member]
12/15/2008 5:01:19 PM
anyone? There has to be somebody that's done this.
Buick455  [Member]
12/15/2008 9:39:05 PM
Grab one of the UTG handguards from AIM Surplus. Cheaper Than Dirt has them too I think. I'm using one with a folding front grip on mine. Very pleased.

mafiaman  [Member]
12/16/2008 11:53:59 AM
they show the for the Bulgarian and Chinese so I guess I'll just take my chance ordering one of them. I'm pretty good with tools so I'm sure I can make it fit.
Buick455  [Member]
12/16/2008 11:30:47 PM
I'm guessing the Bulgy is for a milled receiver.