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 Valley Guns AK; what is it?
munk  [Member]
4/3/2003 10:01:52 AM EDT
Came to hear of a Vally Guns AK, with long barrel, possibly 20", peep sight, sporter stock. Reported to be a milled reciever. Trigger not military standard.

Reciever marked Valley Guns LA Ca 91324
386 (inside a circle) and the serial number 22___ Parts stamped with serial number

Claimed to be pre ban. From Calif. They even have the zip code!

I believe it is Chinese (so stamped on buttpad)

What is this?

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Jeepcreep  [Site Staff]
4/3/2003 10:04:55 AM EDT
valley was an importer of AKs, It is a Polytech(386) gun though. Does it have the std buttstock, and threaded muzzle?
CAMPYBOB  [Site Staff]
4/3/2003 10:09:01 AM EDT
if it has an intact bayo mount, it is likely a pre-ban polytechnologies.

what is the model number stamped in the side of the receiver?

does it wear a checkered pistol grip?

where is the rear sling swivel located?

munk  [Member]
4/3/2003 10:24:23 AM EDT
I'll call and find out. The forend is checkered, though my associate may been mistaken.

At some point in Calif, before the national ban, Calif started requiring/selling semi auto's with the bayonet lug ground off. I forget what you call these weapons, but I had a AR like that once.

back soon,
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munk  [Member]
4/3/2003 10:46:00 AM EDT
The rifle is in a non-military pistol grip stock. It has a recoil pad. Both grip and stock are checkered. The rear sling swivel mounts underneath the stock. The bayonet lug is gone, and the barrel end is not threaded.

Because the pistol grip is farther back than stock military, there is some mechanical means of allowing the trigger to set back farther to function with the different grip.

I don't know if this came original, but the reciever cover has screws into the reciever rather than the standard pin.
The gun is probably NRA 99 to 100%

This is the best information I can get over the phone with my friend. The reciever also says, semi auto, and as I mentioned earlier, the number 386 in a circle.


Jeepcreep  [Site Staff]
4/3/2003 11:17:19 AM EDT
it is a postban gun, doess the rear of the rec have an angle cut to it?
munk  [Member]
4/3/2003 11:48:28 AM EDT
You want to know if it's really a milled reciever and not stamped; I understand. I asked my friend that and he said it was a milled reciever.

He also said this gun was purchased in about 1978 in Cal. The only thing military on it is the front sight. Even the trigger guard is non military- the rifle is factory sporterized.

It has a pistol grip stock set on it- I was mistaken about a possible thumb hole configuration. The reciever cover is factory threaded for tightening screws as well as the button catch.

My friend does not know how to lie, but he can be wrong like other men. It is not being offerred to me as a preban gun- but on the cheap, because of past friendship and various other factors.

So, I am torn between the obvious experts here- who I respect and read for data, and the possibility because of my friend's testimony that this is actually a preban factory sporter, a 'gentleman's AK', if you will. There are some other weapons available to me from the same place, and all of them were purchased in the same time period. (there's Ruger mini14 all in wood with a fairly low serial number)

Anyway, I could get this AK for 300.

Thanks for your interest and any additional comments. I used to manage a gun store in ___ _____ but all the variations of AK are beyond me.


RS39  [Team Member]
4/3/2003 11:51:27 AM EDT
Sounds exactly like my Norinco Hunter. If it looks like this then it is a mid-ban gun between 1989 and 1994. The 26" sight radius for the peep is nice, not all have holes drilled in the side for a side scope mount but the rear cover peep is very stable with the screws. Very smooth trigger, just a longish pull up and back. Easily uses hi-cap mags but came with some 5 rnd hunting mags.
munk  [Member]
4/3/2003 12:33:11 PM EDT
I know what you mean about the Hunter. I was in the gun store for about 3 and a half years, from 92 on, and there were a lot of transition models. I didn't remember a long barreled AK before that and didn't know if they existed or not.

Is this worth 300? I'd say Yes!

.. ...

Guy came into the Shop and wanted a long barreled AK for hunting.
"Well, what are you hunting? You're not gaining that much more energy." I told him.

"ELK in Colorado."

I spent a half hour trying to talk him out of the Soviet Short for Elk. He had to have it. I always wondered if one of those Colorado guides wouldn't twist the longer barrel around his neck.

You wonder why every State hates out of State hunters...

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