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 I'm looking to deban a MAK-90. Will any gas block and front sight post work?
BigAKFan  [Member]
3/10/2012 7:21:59 PM EDT
I'm interested in debaning a MAK-90. Will any gas block and front sight post work? Anything else I should know?
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CajunX39  [Member]
3/10/2012 7:32:43 PM EDT
The milled Bulgarian FSB and GB will work.
BigAKFan  [Member]
3/10/2012 8:47:43 PM EDT
How about polish or romanian?
clange  [Member]
3/11/2012 12:29:41 AM EDT
As long as it's milled pattern, ak-47, not AKM, etc. The chinese stuck with the "milled" size barrel parts even after they went to a stamped receiver.

Polish milled parts would work. I can't think of any milled pattern romanian parts off the top of my head, only AKM pattern.
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AEnemaBay  [Team Member]
3/11/2012 6:15:26 AM EDT
Originally Posted By BigAKFan:
How about polish or romanian?

Polish AK-47 will work, but Polish AKMS will not. Romanian will not work.


Just reuse your sling loop that's already installed on the barrel with the new GB.
clange  [Member]
3/11/2012 12:00:21 PM EDT
If you're doing it yourself, here's my post from the other site from when I did mine.

Wrench under the FSB, use a nickle on top.

What isn't shown is the two times the wrench broke off part of the arbor plate instead of the FSB breaking loose. It was on there very very tight.

Sorry Mr. Jefferson :sad:

There wasn't a way to use the wrench and have the rear part of the gas block clear the plates. I ended up sitting the gas block on one plate, and used a pipe wrench that was about the perfect thickness to support the other side of the gas block (I took this after everything was done, but you get the idea).

Ready for the new parts.

Stripped and blued.

This was also a bit tricky. I guess it's an old punch or something, but it worked out great. The socket and two nickles supported the barrel.

Had to drill out each of the holes again, especially the front one.

I had a 3mm drill bit that came with a makarov barrel and pin. I messed up and the bit dug in before it was up to speed, breaking into three parts, one of which flew into my arm and drew blood. No problem, right? I'll just go to lowes or home depot and get another one. Nope, not a single 3mm drill bit to be found. I ordered 2 online (I wasn't about to break another one and have to wait).

At this point I'd re-pinned both blocks, went to the range and found the FSB was canted by about 3mm. :doh: I punched the pins out, but the FSB would not budge no matter what I did. I pressed it off and back on. Went to the range today and it's only off 1mm. Still would not budge at all so I called it a day, came home and re-pinned it. Good enough for me, gives it character.

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