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 Rebuilding my Century Yugo AKs on a Zastava PAP receivers & building a Tantal AK on a NDS receiver??
bergunx  [Member]
2/4/2012 2:33:23 AM EDT
I'm looking for a good great AK builder who can do the following projects... I hope I'm not asking for too much!!!

I would like to have my 2 Century Yugo rifles rebuilt on the 2 Zastava Arms PAP rifles that I have sitting in the safe... Basically I want all the military features of the Century's rifles added to the PAP rifles. I know that the 2 main issues with this conversion will be the magazine trunnions and the rear-end of the receivers since the PAP rifles receivers are cut at a angle and the magazine trunnion is cut for a single stacked magazine. Also, the magazine well will need to be corrected in order to fit a double stacked magazine as well.

Anyway, one of the rebuilds will be a fixed stock and the other, a folding stock rifle. As for the U.S. made parts they will be;

A) Ironwood Butt stock
B) Ironwood Handguards
C) US Made copy of the Yugo pistol grips
D) Tapco G-2 Fire control groups
E) Arsenal US made, gas pistons

Will a Arsenal US made, AK-74 gas piston work or will I need to find a gas piston for the AK-47/AKM or simply reuse the Century ones?? Also, where can I find 2 new to like-new Yugoslavian receiver top covers?? If they are not availible, how close are the milled Bulgarian receiver's top covers to the Yugo ones use on their stamped receivers??

As for the PAP rifles, I want to ensure that these conversion will use the following parts of the PAPs sporter rifles;

A) Complete receiver with rearsight block and serial numbered barrel trunnion
B) Barrel Assembly
C) Bolt and carrier

As for the Century rifles... I want all the military parts, the folding stock, gas block w/grenade sights and bayonet lugs, etc., used in this project. As for the Century/NDS receivers, I have no issues with them being used/cut in order to correct the angled cuts on the rear-ends on the PAPs receivers, if that's want it will take.

Some of the metal parts on the Century rifles do show signs of wear and mild to moderate usage, but I feel that this can be corrected with a little sandblasting and prepping before being refinished... Which is pretty important since I want all the parts used in this project to look new once refinished.

Also, on the PAP rifles, I would also like to have the serial numbers on the bolt and carrier redone in a fashion to mimic a true Zastava M70 series military rifle from the 80s/90s to finish up this project.

At the same time, I want to send in my Polish Tantal rifle kit and receiver (NDS) and have it built into a functioning rifle as well.

Thanks for looking and for any tips in this matter!!
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gewamser  [Member]
2/4/2012 5:06:11 AM EDT
I think it is completely "do-able" but it's gonna be a tremendous amout of work and it will cost $$$$$...probably more than you can but a genuine Mitchell preban YUGO for, on top of that the Century builds are pretty good shooters from the git-go. The Tantal idea is GTG...
Corbic  [Member]
2/4/2012 5:56:45 AM EDT
Let me understand this correctly -

You want to cut up and destroy two Century M70s to use the parts to convert two Zastava PAPs?

I am guessing your M70s are slab-sided with plastic handgrips? While the Slab-receivers are not "Yugo" in sprite, they did exist as military rifles.

As mentioned, if you are want a fantastic YUGO original rifle, sell your current ones, save the +$1,000 in labor costs and just buy one.

Mitchell's imported them about +25 years ago and plenty are still out there in fantastic condition. Expect to pay $1,200 - $1,500.

So sell the two underfolder ($1,000) the PAPs ($600) and take your +$2,000 in labor and bamn you have nearly $4,000 to buy your two dream Yugo rifles.
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