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 AK-47 templates. Anyone have?
Boltaction86  [Member]
9/4/2006 2:16:23 PM EDT
Looking into building my own AK-47.

I cant seem to find the templates that are linked in some of the threads
I was wondering if any of you have a link to a template so I can see the general structure of an AK receiver. My uncle is a machinist and he may be able to help me build one if it looks simple enough.
Also, I already downloaded a video of a guy making one from scratch and using screws throughout. Anyone know where I can get the template he talks about in there?

Any help you guys can give me would be much appreciated.
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anjan9  [Member]
9/4/2006 2:47:03 PM EDT

If you just want one, its cheaper to buy a 100% receiver. If you like to build, you can get a 80% flat for about $15, bend it, heat treat it, and weld on the rails.
Boltaction86  [Member]
9/4/2006 3:32:39 PM EDT
I think Im going to try building one. All of the tools I was planning on getting for small projects anyways.

If it doesnt work out Ill only be out a little bit of money cause I can resell the jig and parts kit at a loss.
Plus the cool thing for me about building a kit/kits in the future is that I can get all of the supplies delivered to my doorstep and I dont have to verify my age and some other stuff like ffl transfers.

Thanks for the templates. I think Ive seen this site before but I never saw the template section
anjan9  [Member]
9/4/2006 3:49:52 PM EDT
getting a flat that is predrilled and magwell dimples are already formed is much easier than building from scratch. No FFL is needed for a flat.

check out and look at the receiver flat on the main page 12.99 plus flat rate shipping.
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Boltaction86  [Member]
9/4/2006 3:56:29 PM EDT
How many of you guys actually make them from scratch and from flats?

Shouldnt I get a flat with no trunion hols and then line my barrel assembly square w/ the beginning of the receiver?
LonghunterCO  [Member]
9/4/2006 5:27:26 PM EDT
All of mine have been 80%ers. Out here at the CO build parties thats all we have been building (although some cheat and get flats with underfolder or side folder cut allready made). Here's some advice. If you are building your first, start with an inexpensive full stock kit. The Rommy Gs kits can not be beat. If you are building a Rommy G on a 80% Tapco flat then the "with trunnion holes" flats seem to line up well the vast majority of the time. If you are building another nationality then I would go with a "without trunnion holes" flat. Just this guys $0.02.
Boltaction86  [Member]
9/4/2006 6:03:00 PM EDT
I was planning on using a Romy G2 parts kit. With a double hook trigger from DPHarms
Receiver and jig from dph
as well as the muzzle brake, and gas cylinder. I want to keep the outside looking as original as possible. Thats why Im not going the route with the new furniture
Also getting a rivet set with crossmembers

Do the lower rails come with the flats? I see them in the picture but I dont see anything in the desription about them

Then Im going to make my own rivet tool using a bolt cutter. I found the mod in here
Also making a trigger housing rivet jig out of square steel tubing

I guess im going to need to get a drill press.
MY uncle already has a huge press to use the jig

Am I required to permanently affix the muzzle brake with some sort of fusion solder or welding?
Delta068  [Member]
9/5/2006 3:50:15 AM EDT
You don't need to weld the muzzle break. Only on AMD65's or anything with a shortened barrel.

They all come with rails.

I only build off flats. No one around here sells 100% and transfering them would cost me $30, not worth the money in my mind. Flats can be a little tricky sometimes. My top rails always cause a bit of a problem but nothing too crazy that I can't play with. Do not get the predrilled ones, drilling the holes isn't easy and you can get them exact if you do it yourself.
maxxx93  [Member]
9/5/2006 8:24:13 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Delta068:
You don't need to weld the muzzle break. Only on AMD65's or anything with a shortened barrel.

That is true on a Federal level, however several states still have the AWB in effect.
Boltaction86  [Member]
9/5/2006 9:40:04 AM EDT
Any problems I should expect to run into such as having to dremel off some of the trunions?
LonghunterCO  [Member]
9/5/2006 11:52:42 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Boltaction86:
Any problems I should expect to run into such as having to dremel off some of the trunions?

You are actually dremeling the heads off of the old rivets, this will allow for the old sections of the receiver to be pryed from the trunnion.
Front Trunnion: The two lower rivets (one per side) can be grounded off, center punched, and drilled out. The barrel will have to be pulled before removing the other four (two per side).
Rear trunnion: Grind off heads, center punch, start with a small drill 5/64" using alot of oil. Drill half way each rivet, go the other side and drill half way through the other. Go up a drill size, and repeat. Then go up another drill size. It will probably break loose on the thrid drill bit size. Either way you will probably be able to drive the rivet out with a punch. Go slow use plenty of lube, pull out and let the chips/filings clear off of the bit. You do not want the drill bit to break off in the trunnion.
Trigger guard: I grind these off from the inside, center punch, drill, and then punch out. I work from the inside because I am concerned with the dremel scoring the trigger guard.
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