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 Best cleaning supplies
TheNewGabriel  [Member]
8/13/2010 8:48:10 AM EDT
Recently purchased my first AR-15. I have cleaned all my other guns in the past with just Hoppe's #9 and some Hoppe's lube. What would you guys recommend as the best solvent and the best lubricant for an AR rifle? Also what cleaning tools should I get? I already have a .223 bore snake. Thank you for the help.
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Captains1911  [Member]
8/13/2010 9:21:35 AM EDT
There's no right or wrong answer, just spend some time reading through the threads in this forum. I prefer Slip 2000 EWL for lube.
rabidus  [Member]
8/13/2010 4:37:04 PM EDT
Butch's bore shine for cleaning and Mobil 1 motor oil 0w-20 for lubrication.

If engine oil can take extreme heat in your engine all day every day, wouldn't you want that thermal protection in your AR?

FMJ  [Team Member]
8/14/2010 9:35:50 PM EDT
When AT HOME only

I will spray out my upper with Non Chlor Brake Cleaner
Then clean as manual states

In the Field I only use CLP type lube
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Disregarded9-side  [Member]
8/15/2010 12:05:45 PM EDT
Hopps #9 still seems to be the best all around (mild C)LP; I know I'm going to get flamed for that...but there's no way that you can mess anything up with Hopps.
I just use Hopps #9 and Hopps "Elite Gun Cleaner", also not a super high in product.
I have been told I should open a gun detailing business.

Just don't spend a stupid amount of money on it (unless it does make you feel that much better, then it is worth it). In terms of what works; I've seen a guy oil a Glock 34 using the dipstick from his truck at a USPSA shoot. I know a 2008 shooting champ from Raleigh who has said "Mobil 1". I've heard my European friends laugh about how we can put things in tiny bottles over here and sell almost the same product for $25 an ounce.
sorral  [Member]
8/15/2010 12:34:49 PM EDT
I have suggested this to another new AR shooter. Do you have any friends who shoot the AR, that their gun ALWAYS works, and you trust to teach you? Find a local mentor, to show you the tricks of the AR platform. Let him/her show you what products they use, and how to use them.
I could tell you what I do, it is how my mentor showed me, but if you had a question or needed to see a demo of something, I am not there.
Ghoulardi  [Member]
8/15/2010 2:35:39 PM EDT
just keep using what you use on all your firearms, in this case HOPPES. there is no sense in buying something else, because this person or that person says that this or that is the "best", it's all going to do the same thing, clean and lube.

the key is to keep the rifle clean and lubed

as for cleaning supplies, rags or patches and a chamber brush is all you need beside the bore snake.
Unicorn  [Industry Partner]
8/15/2010 3:04:58 PM EDT
I've mostly switched from Hoppes #9 to Hoppes Elite or Mpro-7. They both clean carbon a little bit better, but more importantly they don't stink up the house. I do still use Hoppes #9 for light copper fouling, or extreme amounts of carbon, because I can just leave it in the bore overnight without fear of damage to the bore.
I've been using Tetra for lubing, but might switch to SLIP2000 EWL. It's also a CLP type product so would be great for the range/field as I'd only have to carry around one of their small bottles.
Winn  [Team Member]
8/15/2010 4:06:45 PM EDT

Ballistol for general cleaning.

Mobile 1 (or equivalent) or Weapon Shield for lube.

Shooter's Choice MC #7 for the bore, only IF necessary, in a chrome lined bbl.

Generally speaking, these are my preferences.

FMJ  [Team Member]
8/16/2010 6:23:59 AM EDT
Im going to try weapons shield IF it ever gets here.
MrOneEyedBoh  [Member]
8/16/2010 7:12:55 AM EDT
guessing your talking about that sample I told ya guys about? I got mine in around 1.5 weeks.
kaos  [Team Member]
8/18/2010 10:24:41 AM EDT

Originally Posted By MrOneEyedBoh:
guessing your talking about that sample I told ya guys about? I got mine in around 1.5 weeks.
Thanks for the heads up.
I'm waiting to compare it to my synthetic Royal Purple.

PaintItBlack  [Team Member]
8/19/2010 2:14:30 PM EDT
For cleaning built up carbon Kroil. An 8 oz can is $12 or less. It also works great for taking out pins, gunked up gas tubes, locked up barrel nuts.

It will turn built up, burnt on carbon into sludge you can wipe away or scoop up with a dental pick.

Then I usually wipe it off, blast out with non-cholorinated brake parts cleaner and lube with Slip 2000 EWL or CLP whatever is handy.
lonewolf223  [Member]
8/29/2010 2:44:36 AM EDT
I like Hoppe's Benchrest (since it will also work on copper fouling)
and let it sit ovenight...

Then I use Hoppe's Elite Gun Oil. Leaves a thick film...

You want that on your bolt and carrier assembly....
FMJ  [Team Member]
8/29/2010 8:47:06 AM EDT
For the First time I bought Gunslick Slick Bore Foam that removes copper

I think it was a total waste for a Chrome lined barrel

almost 3000rds
Never used a bore brush ever.
Just chamber brush & patches along with BC & BF CLP

I sprayed out my M4 uppers with non chlor Brake Cleaner
Then added the FOAM let it sit for over a hour
No Blue on the patch at all!

So im thinking the Brake Cleaner can remove copper fouling ?

Anyway I will Stick with BF CLP & non chlor Brake Cleaner
Or a Better CLP If I ever find one.
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