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 AR 15 Cleaining Interval
Kay9Cop  [Member]
5/7/2007 11:24:46 AM EDT
I'm new to owning AR 15's for personal use so please bear with me on what might be a silly question.

Our M-4's at work are cleaned after every range session, which is usually less than 100 rounds. My personal hunting rifles get cleaned after every round for the first 20 rounds for barrel break in and then again after every five rounds for 20 more. I also completely strip off any grease from the factory and lube them up before shooting them the first time.

So, why is it that I see so many posts about people shooting an AR 15 for several hundred rounds without being cleaned? I understand that chrome lined barrels are less likely to foul but, I would think that any barrel is going to foul after a couple hundred rounds. Is it that most people don't shoot for accuracy but just for function?

I also see a lot of posts about people shooting full auto and rapid fire until the barrel heats up. This is also something I wouldn't do to a hunting rifle in order to prevent early throat erosion. Do chrome lined barrels also resist throat erosion better than others?
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Gregory_K  [Member]
5/7/2007 11:45:41 AM EDT
Weather I run 5 rounds or 500 rounds in a range day.

I will still clean the same parts, speed is just different. 5 rounds carbon is just not there, 500 you will have to soak some parts instead of just using a rag.

Everyone has a different use for a tool
CB1  [Team Member]
5/8/2007 6:02:19 AM EDT
I clean my rifles after each range session. One round or 1000 rounds, they get cleaned when I get home.

You can't do a proper PMCS when they are dirty.
LTMcChewy  [Member]
5/9/2007 12:26:56 PM EDT
I'm pretty much OCD when it comes to my weapons, so I clean my AR spotless everytime I shoot it. Then a nice lube job and i'm good to go. And if for some reason I don't shoot it for a while, i'll break it out and do a quick clean and lube just to make sure it's ready to deploy at any time.
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