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 Where can I get the gallon size (or so) of CLP? Where do you get your stuff?
Phoenix_III  [Member]
8/21/2002 6:02:59 AM EDT
I got the brushes (chamber too), patches, and the little things at my local gun shop, but where can I get big containers of CLP? I didn't ask if they had large quantities, but I only got maybe 4oz tops in a little bottle...

Online perhaps?
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fight4yourrights  [Team Member]
8/30/2002 6:28:13 AM EDT
about $38 a gallon for current production, milspec CLP (6 gallon min buy)

Do your own group purchase with some buddies.

Royal Company and search for item number L634605C26, ROYCO 634 MIL-PRF-63460DAM6 6 X 1 GALLON CASE


ROYCO 634 is a highly penetrating, mobile liquid lubricant which combines three essential functions in a single product; cleaning, lubrication, and preservation of handheld weapons, and weapons systems of both large and small caliber. ROYCO 634 may also be considered for many industrial applications as well.

CLEANING: ROYCO 634 provides additives which in addition to their ability to penetrate between metal surfaces, aid in the effective removal of built up dirt, corrosion particles and firing residues which can be abrasive to both recoil and gas operated mechanisms.

PRESERVATION: After cleaning, a thin-film layer of preservative forms immediately on the surfaces which not only displaces water but provides a corrosion resistant barrier against rust and dirt.

LUBRICATION: ROYCO 634 incorporates advanced technology additives to enhance film strength and antiwear properties - thereby reducing friction between moving parts and minimizing wear and the buildup of wear-related debris.

USES: ROYCO 634 is formulated to meet the complete requirements of cleaning, lubricating, and preserving both small and large caliber weapons in virtually all climate conditions from -65oF to +150oF. In addition, ROYCO 634 contains no ozone depleting compounds and meets California Clean Air Act VOC requirements. ROYCO 634 is not limited only to ordnance use, in fact, it has been proven effective in a wide variety of applications including automotive, aviation, marine, and general plant maintenance of industrial equipment.

SPECIFICATION: ROYCO 634 is qualified to and meets all requirements of MILSPEC: MIL-PRF- 63460D Amd 6.

PACKAGING: ROYCO 634 is available in 1 gallon bottles as well as 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Other packages may be available on special request.

MickeyMouse  [Site Staff]
8/30/2002 7:05:13 AM EDT
I think this would make an EXCELLENT group purchase!!

I'm in for two gallons!
SJSAMPLE  [Member]
8/30/2002 7:08:51 AM EDT
"You know you're soaking in it."
vague 70's reference #1A2296Z
Tate  [Team Member]
9/8/2002 6:56:42 PM EDT
Well - you figure 4oz is about $4.00 or $1.00 per oz.

128oz in a gallon = $128.00. $80.00 is a helluva price break. Still high, but a big break (pardon the pun).

edited to add: I second MickeyMouse's suggestion!
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kanak  [Member]
9/10/2002 7:26:46 PM EDT
I get my CLP from
MickeyMouse  [Site Staff]
9/10/2002 9:17:11 PM EDT
Edited above to make link active.

$88.49 Gal + S&H is a bit much for NON mil spec CLP, IMHO.

Have in front of me a 16oz bottle I bought Sat at a gunshow for $10.

This is the "thin" formula from 1995, made by Break-Free in CA. MIL-L-63460d AM5, Qual AR69-94.

Link to MSDS: (Mil Spec formula) {I would suspect THIS is what we would buy from Royalco, the thin stuff.}

MORE info - located a .5oz bottle of CLP made by Royal Lubricants Inc., same Mil Spec, amendment 6 NSN 9150-01-102-1473, manufactured 3/2000.

Label: Caution, irritating to the eyes. Causes moderate skin irritation. Toxic by inhalation. Contains Calcium Dinonylnapthalene Sulfonate. Other warnings i am too lazy to type at the moment! Non Mil Spec formula. I suspect THIS is the commercial product we normally buy in stores.

Appears the company has been bought out by Armor Holdings, whoever that is!! This bottle seems to have some "flakes" in the bottom that do not disolve when shaken. The RoyalCo product is same Mil spec but has newer amendment number (6 vs 5). However, the Armor holdings product PICTURES are the familiar package we all see in the gun shops. Hmmmmm.

3 different formulas so far. Just HOW many ARE there??

I have e-mailed and requested some explanation of the different Mil Spec suffix numbers etc. Will post what I find out, if anything.

Would STILL like to see group purchase of the gallons from Royalco. Have used their products in the helicopter and been pleased. They sure make a LOT of Mil Spec lubricants!!!!!!

Sarco is out - I checked.
fight4yourrights  [Team Member]
9/11/2002 3:57:20 AM EDT

Originally Posted By MickeyMouse:
I have e-mailed and requested some explanation of the different Mil Spec suffix numbers etc.


MIL-PRF-63460 revision D replaces the older MIL-STD

PRF = Performance

STD = Standard

PRF's became the norm when the military tried to save some money and go off their specs a few years ago.

Sometimes the spec changes big time, sometimes it's only minor. Often it goes from spelling out exactly how to do it to simply stating the desired results.
hardcase  [Team Member]
9/11/2002 6:48:10 AM EDT
Here's a gallon for $56.99:

I suppose that you would have to add S & H.
PanzerBoy  [Team Member]
9/12/2002 10:54:57 AM EDT
All right, I'm in for a gallon. How much do I owe and where do I send it?

A gallon will do me just fine.

AR15fan  [Team Member]
10/8/2002 10:13:26 PM EDT
I got 4 gallons of CLP from Royco for about $72.00

Try Ebay too.
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