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 RRA two stage won't work in my Sig M400
meli2925  [Member]
6/18/2012 4:00:15 PM EDT
Hi all,
I have a Sig M400 with the typical gritty feeling hard pull standard AR trigger. I saw a used RRA two stage trigger for sale locally and thought I would give it a try. I get home install the trigger and pull it a couple of times without the selector reinstalled, and it works great. I install the selector get everything back together and go to test, and it won't release the hammer. Apparently the selector switch is too thick at the center to allow the trigger to travel far enough to release the hammer. Has anyone else had this issue before? Is there a selector that is thinner at the center to allow the trigger the required travel to function. Anyone else ever have this issue? How did you solve it? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
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nhsport  [Team Member]
6/18/2012 4:17:24 PM EDT
I would call Rock River. Not sure if your trigger is out of spec or if Sig does something different with their safety.
Possibly you could swap in a safety from someone other than Sig? Regular selector starts at about $8, ambi ones start at about $15 and
they go on to $50 or so its worth a try

I expect Rock River has run into this before and has something worked out
Dano523  [Moderator]
6/18/2012 4:20:02 PM EDT
Put the selector on safe, then try to pull the trigger. If you have problems getting the selector to safe with the hammer cocked back, then you metal removal from the trigger tail is tangible. This will clean up both the selector so it can be set to safe correctly without binding, and my buy you the needed over travel distance as well

If the the selector moves into safe cleanly, there is very little trigger movement when the trigger is pulled with the selector set to safe (hammer no where near close to be released with the selector on safe), then you need to attack the selector milled flat section.

The selector is hardened, but milling such with a carbide end mill is a walk in the park. Here, you can either remove just enough off the selector milled flat so you have just enough over travel needed, or go a tad bit deeper than needed, and install a set screw in the selector section to use for the the over travel set point instead.

As for finding a selector that is over milled from the start, its possible, but will find that just milling the current selector a lot faster in the end.
meli2925  [Member]
6/18/2012 7:00:45 PM EDT
I sent an Email to RRA to see what they say. The trigger does easily go to safe when cocked with room to spare, so the culprit would be the selector which just on visual inspection looks like it could easily be thinner. since I dont have access to a milling machine, i will see if they can recommend a different selector to use with it. Maybe Sigs is a little out of spec. Thanks for the replies.
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