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 Strange AR Hammer
alcova  [Member]
12/16/2011 3:49:06 PM
I was working on a rifle that had problems. It would fire and pick up and chamber a new round, but most of the time the hammer would follow the carrier and not fire. I broke down the lower and when I pulled the hammer and compared it with a known good one, I notice that the shape was about right, but the length of the hammer was shorter. The Hammer had a notch, but the length of the notch was 1/3 the normal size and measuring the hammer, the length was shorter by almost an 1/8 inch.
There are 2 S's marked on the hammer head at a 90 degree angle from the length and the hammer is not been ground down ( Was made this way )...does anyone know what this thing is? Sorry don't have a picture at this time

Dano523  [Moderator]
12/16/2011 5:26:07 PM
Photo please.
alcova  [Member]
12/16/2011 6:21:25 PM
Will try to get photos tomorrow
j3_  [Team Member]
12/16/2011 8:31:26 PM
All brand hammers are not the same length. Nothing really unusual about the length difference.

The hammers with the two S marks have been in a lot of different kits lately but they are not the only ones that are made to the shorter length.
alcova  [Member]
12/16/2011 10:09:53 PM
this one sure has a hard time recocking, got lucky once and had a about a 6 shot string, but usually it was a FTF after I said, would reload a new round, but fail to cock the hammer

j3_  [Team Member]
12/16/2011 11:05:26 PM
The hammer might be a problem if the trigger notch on it is off. I was just commenting about the length..