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 Couple of Daniel Defense M4 questions/issues.
Lewisite  [Member]
12/8/2011 6:50:11 PM EDT
Daniel Defense M4 V5
Ammo used Federal 5.56 and American Eagle .223

Alright guys, question. So I bought a DDM4 on Black Friday, and I just got it in today. I just have a couple of questions and or possible issues. Bear in mind that this is my first AR that I have extended dealings with, so it is a new experience :P.

First, a round does not chamber unless I pull the charging handle back all the way and pretty much just let it snap back with full force. Only at that point will a round fully chamber, if I just pull it back a bit and let go, the round will not fully sit in the chamber. Is this intended? I am not babying it and being gentle by any means, I was just pulling it back and letting it go at what I thought was normal, but the only way it seems to fully get it in the chamber is to just pull it back and let it fly. The Colt 6940 I had dealings with in the past, I don't recall having to use as much force to chamber a round, I might be mistaken however, its been a while.

Was just wondering if that was the norm or if something else might be going on. Also, if it is the norm, does that not eventually cause excessive wear on the bolt,charging handle, or some other part of the rifle? Sorry if that is a silly question, I just want to know what to expect.

Second, after getting it home and stripping the rifle and looking it over, I noticed this

Is that dis-colorization normal? My camera phone is kinda crappy, so not completely sure if you see what I am talking about. In person it looks a bit more wrong, I cannot seem to find any other pictures online of what that might be, especially from a factory new rifle.

Thanks in advance for the help everyone!
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KILLERB6  [Team Member]
12/8/2011 7:00:21 PM EDT
The rifle is supposed to be charged by allowing the BCG to ride forward under full force of the spring, either from being drawn rearward with the charging handle (CH) and releasing it or by releasing the bolt from it's reward/locked position with the bolt release; do not ride nor assist the BCG forward with the CH.

Yes, the discoloration appears normal; many parts/surfaces will become either shiny as surface wear occurs, discolored from soot, and/or pick up brass shavings deposited in/around the bolt face, lugs, etc.
Banger  [Team Member]
12/8/2011 7:41:58 PM EDT
As the parts wear in (after a few hundred rounds) things will ease up a bit. This is normal.
ZombieResponseUnit  [Member]
12/11/2011 3:26:50 PM EDT
Lots of oil for now. Run it wet. You've got a normal looking BCG there, now put it back together and go shoot!
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