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 Love my AR-10
Guzziac  [Member]
9/29/2011 5:57:19 AM
About a year ago I decided to take the plunge into an AR 10. I was really wanting to wait until Remington brought out their 7MM-08 but ran across a New Armalite 10A4BF Green without free float forearm. Mounted a 10X Mildot scope and purchased the backup handel with front sight rig. I started to work out loads and do barrel break-in with it and the load that I settled on would shoot 1.5" at 200yds. not bad at all.Recently the ACOG bug bit me and I bought a TA11E red chevron.
Once I had the ACOG sighted in for 100yds I fired a three shot group thru the little 3.5X scope. Immagine my pleasure when I measured the three at .67"
No thanks, I don't believe I would trade her for any Stainless National Match out there. I know what mine will do and it does just finethank you very much.
Richard P.
PS. If you want to get real serious we can get out the Kreiger 7mm-08 upper that I had them put together for me and really get down to some tiny groups.
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10milg29  [Member]
9/29/2011 8:46:06 AM
Besides the rare case that someone gets a lemon, I have not heard anyone say they dislike their AR10. My 20" is a pleasure to shoot!