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 Reloaders, what is the max OAL that will fit in an AR-10 mag?
SpacemanSpiff  [Member]
4/11/2008 3:33:37 PM
I have an AR-10 that I just built but no mags for it yet.

What OAL will fit the magazine in an AR-10?

So far I have loaded some M-80 projos to 2.850" and they havent hit the lands yet, so I was wondering how far out I can load these babies.


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shrikefan  [Team Member]
4/11/2008 9:24:51 PM
I would not go much longer. The mags measure about 2.875". You also need to check for function. Try loading a bullet with the base toward the lands and see what the throat length is. You may be trying for something you can never achieve.
Ghostface  [Member]
4/11/2008 9:28:11 PM
Halfcocked  [Team Member]
4/11/2008 9:56:29 PM
What are you trying to do? If you're trying for extreme range vs accuracy get a match barrel with a custom chamber, It will work.

I have a long range top end with a good after market barrel that can punch 12" circles at 1000 yards. It was cut to work with Berger 175 grn. bullets, but isn't good for much of any thing else.
sniperx  [Dealer]
4/11/2008 11:06:28 PM
I just load them by the book

ETA: Don't be too concerned about the lands deal
With the 300 FB you may have to back them up to keep them from sticking
in the chamber. They wont eject a loaded round, As for the 308, I would not
be too concerned about them
AR10 T 16"

Works for me, cept for the one I pull one

You can burn a lot of powder and time, Most of it is a waste of time unless you
are a serious bolt gun custom barrel, hy- teck chooter. I kill what I shoot at and it
is just as dead as if I was 1/8" closer to where I was aiming

I went through a very short faze of maximizing things I went as far as using a thenth indicator and a v-block to find the high side of runout on a loaded round.
Not to mention, uniforming primer pockets, deburring flash holes and so on. I never
got down to weighing each bullet or sorting brass by volume. Bottom line, get where you are happy with ease and don't waste a lot of energy, money, and time on trying
to reach something that is only relative. Don't get me wrong, all most all the guns
I have shoot well, but I do not sqeeze them. If I wanted to hit 4-5" group at 1500 yards, then I would work on it with what would work.............ooops I have one, but have not gone that far......but it is not a semi, and it is not a usual run of the mill off the shelf gun...............

Here is the same exact load in a brand new gun...AR10 Navy
Two, thirty round groups.

AR10 carbine:

Here is a 300FB load out of a New today Noveske barrel that I was shooting out of
a Model one barrel, much beter group, except for the double fires( the three fliers) am running a
JP trigger very light on the lowerand also

300FB Noveske 16' pistol gas system. The Model 1 was a 16" carbine system.

ETA2: Just so happened that the ad came back up
This is one of the guns that shot the two thirty round groups�
Ghostface  [Member]
4/12/2008 2:28:01 AM
Damn good groups Art...Damn good...
SpacemanSpiff  [Member]
4/14/2008 10:42:55 AM
Thanks for the replies, I settled on 2.860", when my mags get here I'll know for sure if that works.

Until then, I'll be single loading these babies.

shrikefan  [Team Member]
4/14/2008 11:22:02 AM

Originally Posted By SpacemanSpiff:
Thanks for the replies, I settled on 2.860", when my mags get here I'll know for sure if that works.

Until then, I'll be single loading these babies.

OUCH! Thats going to be like running tractor tires on a sports car.
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