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 Are AR-1O lowers the same as AR-15 lowers?
MIKE454  [Member]
4/1/2003 5:52:22 PM
can I buy a AR-10A2 top end and put it on my Bushmaster lower?

thanks helping the newbe.
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FMJunkie  [Team Member]
4/1/2003 6:21:35 PM
No, the AR10 lower is larger than an AR15 lower. Not to mention that the magwells are different sizes. (It certainly would make life a lot easier/cheaper if they did match up though!)
Eclipse  [Member]
4/1/2003 6:23:31 PM
AR-10  [Member]
4/1/2003 6:25:54 PM
No. Although the AR-10 lower uses many of the same parts as the AR-15, the magwell is larger. That increases the overall length of the lower (and upper). The bolt carrier is larger, increasing the overall width of both the upper and lower.
MIKE454  [Member]
4/1/2003 7:10:27 PM
thanks guys just gota save,save,save somemore
WARDOG7366  [Team Member]
4/2/2003 10:59:29 PM
WE WISH! The magazine well for the '15 is approx. 1"X2[size=3]1/2[/size=3]". The magazine well for the '10 is approx. 1"X3". The 10's bolt is also much longer and much more stout. However....if you are looking for another caliber to mount to the top of your AR-15, Check out the [i][blue]Beowulf .50 conversion by Alexander Arms[/blue][/i] [red][url][/url][/red] Sorry. I can't figure out how to get the &!#*?{! picture to show up! [img][/img]
redpine  [Member]
4/8/2003 1:23:20 PM
arn't some parts compatable, like the butstock,& other furniture? doesn't the catalog indicate AR-10 parts that are different & all others are same? ???
OldTiger  [Team Member]
4/9/2003 8:10:52 PM
Yes, the buttstock and stuff are compatible. Another nice thing is you can buy a .243 upper, and a .260 Rem upper (from GA Precision), and a .308 WSM upper (I can't remember from whom).
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