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 Quentin Defense
durbin99  [Member]
1/17/2013 6:20:05 PM EDT
So I stopped by Quentin Defense to pick up a couple US Navy billet lowers that i had ordered back on 12/19. I sent an email to check on the status and current lead time and they called me within 2 hours to tell me that they had some ready that I could come by and pick up. How could I turn that down?

Anyhow, so i stop by their office and had to go around to the back since they didnt have anyone up working at the front desk. Walked in past their 5 CNC machines and start talking to one of the operators. Said they are producing about 80 per day to try and fill a back order of 6000 currently ordered from other companies (they make lowers for 30 some other companies), and also orders from individuals like me.

So I get to talking to one of the owners and he said they are about 20 weeks back up, but expects of the 6000 they have orders for, 50% of those will be canceled once people start receiving orders they placed elsewhere. He has another CNC machine coming in next week to up production even more.

By the way, the military engraved lowers are pretty slick.
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