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 from scratch build sheet/parts list
MRFriedhoff  [Member]
4/9/2008 4:22:57 PM EDT
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a complete parts list for a from scratch build? I just started buying parts for my build but see all these pieces that I'm not sure about... if someone has a piece by piece list for everything, I would really appreciate it... I just want to make sure I have all required parts before I start... Thanks and I'm sorry if this is a "dumb" post, I just could not find the information I was looking for...
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Noaccount  [Team Member]
4/9/2008 4:37:55 PM EDT
try This

For the lower you will need to buy a:
Lower reciever
Lower Parts Kit
your stock may or may not come with a Buffer, buffer tube, and buffer spring.

I will let someone else handle the upper since I can't rattle them off the top of my head.
MRFriedhoff  [Member]
4/19/2008 3:09:16 PM EDT
Thanks! So far I have my lower parts kit and stock(came with everything but the buffer)... but I'm still not sure about the whole upper assembly/parts... I'd like to get more info on the upper pieces... I would like to build it all myself instead of just buying the whole assembly... anyone else?
the_great_snag  [Team Member]
4/19/2008 4:30:18 PM EDT
For the upper, you will need the following:

Barrel; A lot of barrels come with a barrel nut and an FSB or gas block, depending on what you buy. Don't even consider one without the barrel extension installed.

If you are doing handguards you will need a delta ring for the handguards, handguards, and a handguard cap if your barrel doesnt' have one.

If you go free float, you will get the barrel nut and stuff with the tube.

You will need a gas tube, and gas tube roll pin.

If the muzzle is threaded you will need a muzzle device of some sort, but you can fire the rifle without it if your money is tight. A1 or A2 hiders are cheap though.

Finally you will need an upper receiver (there are tons of choices for them), charging handle and a complete bolt carrier group.

In addition you will need a vise block and barrel wrench to install your barrel.

When you add it up a complete upper, or even better, a complete kit is much more economical, but it IS fun to build the whole thing yourself!
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MRFriedhoff  [Member]
4/20/2008 5:28:55 AM EDT
Great! Thanks alot, yeah I like to be able to choose part by part... and you're right... it's definately more fun to do the whole thing yourself... Anyways thanks guys for helping me out. I like to have a check list to mark parts off instead of constantly posting "do I need this part?"...
the_great_snag  [Team Member]
4/20/2008 5:55:54 AM EDT
I forgot you will also need a crush or peel washer, and some sort of sling mount arrangement. Those are a very individual thing though, so I have no recommendation, other than if you are free floating you should not mount your sling to the FSB/gas block or the barrel.

I'm gonna put a side mount on my M4gery I am currently building.
MRFriedhoff  [Member]
4/20/2008 7:35:12 AM EDT
Ok good to know - I do plan on free floating. I like the side mounts as well. I'll have to look into that.
the_great_snag  [Team Member]
4/20/2008 8:08:51 AM EDT
If you go four rail you can mount your sling swivel on any of the rails. If you do a smooth tube you will have to drill your swivel mounting hole, so give it some thought.

Again, If you are going to free float, you won't wanna compromise that by mounting the sling on the barrel, particularly if you shoot with a shooting sling.
MRFriedhoff  [Member]
4/20/2008 8:17:38 AM EDT
I planned on going with the four rail system. I'd like to do flip up sights, but I'm having trouble finding a barrel that doesn't already come with the front sight mounted on the gas block... might be cheaper to just grind it down I guess...
opticalc  [Member]
4/20/2008 8:47:12 AM EDT
Except for the BCG and barrel/extension, I just did a complete build from scratch. Heres what all I had to buy:

upper that came with: dust cover, spring, pin and clip. the upper also came with fwd assist, spring and pin

stripper lower

lower parts kit

barrel that came with the extension, gas tube, and gas tube pin. The pin wasnt used as it was intended to be used for a FSB and I wanted to use a flattop gas block

flattop gas block with longer pin

BCG, including bolt, cam, firing ping, etc

charging handle, with clip and spring and pin


buffer spring

buffer tube (LPK came with all needed mounting HW for the buffer tube)

Magpul CTR stock, no mounting h/w needed

Magpul MIAD grip, came with custom screw to mount to lower

muzzle device: be sure you also get the appropriate mounting hardware that is applicable to the particular device you pick

forearms/handguards: be sure you pick the correct length ones that match gas system length for the barrel you got (carbine, mid, or rifle lengths)

delta ring assembly (came with barrel nut, round spring ,and snap ring)

handguard cap

sling swivel, rivet, and rivet insert (requires rivet gun to install)

good luck. this was an absolute BLAST for me to design and build from scratch, and the only AR15 experience I ever had was with the M16 in the USAF in 1993. Read: USAF... what does that tell you?

I'd HIGHLY SUGGEST you get a large vice (6 inches at least), assorted pin punches, upper receiver block, snap ring pliers, lower receiver mounting block, clevis pin (for installing pivot pin), and a set of large gator grips with electrical tape on the tips for getting the difficult-to-insert pins done right (w/o scratching your stuff)
MRFriedhoff  [Member]
5/3/2008 4:25:48 PM EDT
awesome, thanks man - so far I have my lower assembly done(last night) and it was fun - I just ordered my vltor upper rec and am now hunting for a barrel... I really wanted the ctr and miad like you've got so... I'm thinking about swapping but then ive got extra stuff laying around ... anyways what barrel did you get? and where did you get most of your stuff from?
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