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 Stainless vs. chromoly barrels
scottkr  [Member]
12/25/2007 4:03:01 PM EDT
When seeing "custom" built ar's, why do so many opt for stainless barrels over chromoly? Are they more accurate or just "Blingier"? I'm talking 3 gunners and competitive shooters. Which is better and why?
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brutl_force  [Member]
12/25/2007 5:35:39 PM EDT
Stainless is a much harder metal. It makes for a more durable barrel. More durable means better life. Stainless barrels are also more accurate (very small difference, not noticeable unless you are going for competition style shooting). Chrome-moly is fine, a step up from a standard blued steel barrel. Plus, stainless is shiny, that makes it better

My favorite color is chrome.
TRWalsh  [Member]
12/26/2007 7:31:06 AM EDT
Stainless Pros:
A bit more accurate
more corrosion resistant
longer service life

Stainless Cons:
more expensive
A bit heavier

You can have it coated if you are anti-bling. (duracoat, teflon-S, roguard, etc...)
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