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 Help: Need the weight of several different common ar-15 parts to decide how to build my next AR:
Smokey32  [Member]
9/26/2007 11:59:15 PM EDT
Hello I am working on an AR-15 build and am trying to build a real lightweight. I need to know the weight of certain AR parts that I havent been able to find on the web, here is the list:

Regular Mil-Spec Handguard for a CAR or the new M4 handguard:
Forged Front sight tower:
14.5 lightweight barrel:
14.5 Mil Spec barrel:

carbon upper:
carbon lower:

others of interest:

16 HBAR barrel:
16 vluted HBAR barrel:

Some of the things I found out were pretty eye opening here are two:

the clark carbon fiber front car handguard weighs 6 ounces and is touted as the lightest solution out there. The 4 rail, two piece YHM rail is only 3 ounces more at 9 ounces.

The YHM specter gas block can weigh 5.5 ounces while the would weigh 1.3. (these were the heaviest and lightest i could find for the lightweight barrels)

so clark specter would be 11.5
while the quad rail with the gas block would weigh 10.3 or 1.2 ounces lighter!

So anyhow I hope someone has those parts sitting around and can weigh them. I got my postal scale off ebay and I been weighing everything. P.S. I have a back problem that is making me lose my strength in one arm, that is why I am so anal about building an ultra-light rifle....

I have also been talking with bushmaster about their carbon 15 rifles and there rifles they make with the carbon upper and lower that take mil spec ar parts so I am looking into that route too.

If anyone has any real lightweight parts that they want to sell to me just send me an IM or email.

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JaxxKat  [Team Member]
9/27/2007 12:45:01 AM EDT
Bush makes a Carbon 15 rifle that is 4.0 lbs , hard to beat that ..
Smokey32  [Member]
9/27/2007 1:04:50 AM EDT
ya I know about the carbon rifle, but not all parts are interchangeable with milspec standard ar-15s. I will probably get one, but that is just one way to skin a cat, in fact bushmaster has a non carbon fiber rifle weighing 5.8 pounds so you can get pretty light without carbon, but I will probably build one AR using the CAV arms carbon lower and one bushmaster carbon 15 rifle. Just not as much fun to buy a complete rifle than it is to build one :)

I like bushmasters carbon 97s but I wanted a collapsable stock. Now they are coming out with one the model is 97f so I will probably buy it. But I had spoke with someone at bushmaster and if you wanted to put a collabsable stock on the 97s you would need to swap out the bolt, buffer, buffer tube, and buffer spring to do it. So going to the magpul, would cost me like $250 and the gun would weigh a half pound more :(
SSN_Doc  [Member]
9/27/2007 2:20:16 PM EDT
Bolt Carrier assembly weights:

AR-15 - 10.9 oz
AR-15 - with firing pin shroud - 11.3oz
M-16 - 11.5 oz.

M4 Handguards - 5.4 oz

Stuff you didn't ask about, but I weighed them anyway.

A1 upper - 11.0oz
A2 upper - 12.5oz

Carbine buffer - 3.0 oz
H buffer - 3.7oz
H2 buffer - 4.6oz
9mm buffer - 5.5 oz
rifle buffer - 5.1 oz

Sorry I don't have weights for the barrel profiles you asked about.

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Smokey32  [Member]
9/27/2007 5:56:28 PM EDT
thanks Doc that helps a bunch!
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