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 80% Lower Finishing
Dugster  [Member]
9/8/2002 2:20:44 PM EDT
A couple of months ago there was a thread about how to finish an 80% AR Lower with the aid of a Dremel tool. A guy was working on a web site and was going to report back with links when he was done. I have done a search and cannot find this thread.

Does anyone have any info?

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David  [Member]
9/8/2002 6:31:51 PM EDT
It might be able to be done this way but, you could possibly survive jumping off the Empire State building without a parachute but, that doesn't mean I'm going to try it. Now you could and there have been people who have finised an 80% lower with a drill press and that would be the method I would recommend. But, the very best way is with a mill, either a mini mill or a full size mill. I've done a few 0% forged lowers with a mini mill, if I had the money, I'd have bought a full size bridgeport because milling out the magwell on a mini requires to to mill out half of it, turn the piece over and mill the other half.
Dugster  [Member]
9/9/2002 10:51:53 AM EDT
Thanks, yes a drill press would be a given, the post referred to finishing an 80% lower's internals with a dremel. and drilling out the holes and the buffer with a press.

Is it best to use a mill for an 80%, I have heard that a mill can be more difficult in completing a lower.. Obviously you would need one for a 0% forging.
hardcase  [Team Member]
9/9/2002 11:29:36 AM EDT
Try this one:

Here are a couple of old links that don't seem to work any more:
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Bign  [Team Member]
9/9/2002 1:12:34 PM EDT
I seen a post about a guy only using hand tools to do his, that last one with the drillpress w/o the jig was good too.

Here is what I had saved from the other post I was talking about with the "hand tool only" AR

ProfGAB101  [Team Member]
9/9/2002 2:52:09 PM EDT
As a type 7 FFL who has made many AR receivers I can tell you, getting a good magwell is the biggest headache/hemroid of the entire mfg process. - I have done both cast & solid forged blanks with top quailty CNC equipment... and I don't do the magwells, I send them out to be cut with a CNC Wire EDM machine. Yes it costs me alot more, but it is the BEST method. The major producers like Colt rough out the magwell then use a special broaching machine to finish the magwell. This is cheaper in a mass production environment but has a higher potential to scrap receiver blanks.

(Any time I hear the word Dremel, I cringe.)
Dugster  [Member]
9/9/2002 2:56:46 PM EDT
Thanks for the great info guys!

I hope to try one real soon!
longshot_va  [Team Member]
9/9/2002 3:26:29 PM EDT
Ummm, nice 3rd (orange) hole there.

WTF? Is that legal?

longshot_va  [Team Member]
9/9/2002 5:42:46 PM EDT
OOps, can't get the pic to load.

Here is the page.

Kharn  [Member]
9/10/2002 4:21:06 AM EDT
Its only on one side, it also looks to be too big and too low. Its either his way of marking 'Fire' or a sear block pin.

Minuteman  [Member]
9/10/2002 6:29:54 PM EDT
I'm not sure I get the reasoning for finishing an 80%'er. I understand the DIY mentality and the "no paper" aspect. But with the price of the lower at $80.00 - 100.00 then renting a jig and buying drill bits. Why not just buy a stripped lower. I picked on one for $100.00 (no papers) and have seen plenty opportunities for the same elsewhere. I guess I'm just being too logical. Besides saving money means I can buy more ammo.

Bign  [Team Member]
9/11/2002 12:40:06 AM EDT
Where, pray-tell, can you legally get lowers w/o papers for <100.

I've never seen anyone selling them by themselves....

Minuteman  [Member]
9/11/2002 11:48:45 AM EDT
The last one was at the Portland gun show. There and at other shows I have seen private sales tables with them. I would also note that one FFL at Portland was trying to sell Rock River lowers for $225.00. I doubt he sold many. Anyway I have been seeing more and more "private" sales tables at the shows. I, you, anyone can sell at most of the shows and two private citizens selling between themselves do not have to fill out ATF forms. I believe the seller is supposed to ask if the buyer is legal, I'm not sure, never been asked.
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