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 who's Operating a SureFire M951, 952 or other with an SR07 Switch?
Bachelor_of_Science  [Team Member]
9/6/2010 10:10:05 PM
How do you like the combo? Any thing you would change? If you want to share pics of your set-up, please feel free to do so. TIA.

cmcflex  [Team Member]
9/6/2010 10:52:40 PM
I have a M962 with a SR05 and it's the bees knees. Also picked up a Scout for use with a SR05. To me, especially with longer rails, it's the best way to run a light. I mount the SR05 on the 12 o'clock rail and activate the switch with my thumb. This is way easier than reaching over the rail to activate light in offset mount on opposite side of the handguard. Well worth the expense. has the best price.
Bachelor_of_Science  [Team Member]
9/6/2010 11:00:17 PM
CovertChannels  [Member]
9/7/2010 10:33:09 AM
I run may Surefire Scout lights with SR07 switches at the 12 o'clock. They are awesome and worlds better than the typical pressure swtiches that the lights come with.
cmcflex  [Team Member]
9/8/2010 10:11:57 AM
Here are some pics of a SR05 (5" cable) on my Spike's/KAC space gun. I still need to get a zip tie or two to secure the wire to the rail. I like the 5" cable for this setup as it removes some of the cable slack, but I'm wondering if it will be too short for my Scout setup on my MRP upper. Time will tell, I suppose.