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 Mounting VTAC on Colt 6920
NCHornet  [Member]
7/1/2010 1:39:01 PM EDT
I just ordered one of the Limited Edition VTAC Padded Slings for my 6920. The sling can be seen here.

Limited VTAC Padded Sling

The 6920 has the slot in the stock for attaching the sling via the top portion, it also has a sling mount on the bottom on the retractable stock. I will probably use the slot and mount the sling on the top side of the stock. The 6920 has a side mount sling mount and I am wondering how most of you are mounting a sling to this rifle. I purchased the hook from Viking for a quick release attachment to the front sling mount. Does this make sense because the rear isn't a quick release set up?
The VTAC has gotten some great reviews and I think I made the right decision. I also ordered one of their offset light mounts. A little worried about it being polymere instead of aluminum but I will let y'all know how it does. Any tips you can give me on mounting the sling would be great. I have the TROY quad rail on this rifle, so I also though about using a QD type mount on the rail, mounted closer to the barrel nut, instead of up by the front sight. Just wondering what y'all would recommend.

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titanse05  [Member]
7/1/2010 6:15:26 PM EDT
I just got the same sling in the mail yesterday. I too feel that I made the correct sling choice for my Stag. I also ordered GG&G HD QD mounts for my quad rail and stock. Once I get those I will be experimenting with the new sling.
Alpha-Romeo3  [Team Member]
7/3/2010 7:49:59 PM EDT
That's a nice sling, congrats. Don't forget to post pictures when you get it.

I've been using my VTAC padded sling (LaRue version with built-in heavy duty push button swivels) for about three years now and it's my favorite when hiking, or when I'm using mainly my hands for chores, it stays pretty snug on my body and it doesn't slip loose.

To attach your front end to your rail, if you prefer the HK hooks take a look at Gear Sector rail mount.

Gear Sector Rail Mount HK Loop - link

For QD sling rail mounts the good ones are the ones that limits the rotation of the swivels to avoid twisting and tangling, like Daniel Defense, Troy, Viking Tactics LPSM, and other similar brand mounts.

The slot on the M4 buttstock would be fine but if you would like to have a QD type mount, either HK hook, Mash hook, or QD swivels could be installed at a mounting plate at the rear of your receiver, Bravo Company and other ARFCOM dealers are selling them.

If you would like to have a QD swivel mount on your buttstock you just have to upgrade to a new stock with QD mounts like LMT SOPMOD, Vltor, Magpul (not the MOE series), also Troy will be releasing their Battle Ax soon.

NCHornet  [Member]
7/5/2010 8:31:30 AM EDT
I got the VTAC2 sling and it is a awesome sling. I ordered the HK style hook for the front sling swivel on my Colt 6920. The problem I have in using the hook was it doesn't matter how I attach it it doesn't allow the sling to lay without being in some sort of twist. I ended up mounting it directly to the front side sling mount for now. I would really like a QD attachment so it's time to do some research. I appreciate the info so far, I believe I really want to avoid the hooks and go with a push button anti rotational sling swivel.

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