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 What’s the best way to carry 9 AR15 30 round magazines?
Retspag  [Member]
9/22/2008 2:30:42 PM EDT
The cheapest option would be to get 3 military surplus ones, but I think that’s far from the best.

There are so many different options for carrying AR magazines what’s the best?
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87GN  [Team Member]
9/22/2008 2:38:03 PM EDT
What have you used/trained with in the past?

A chest rig with a lot of pouches, I guess.

Don't get pouches that hold more than 2 mags for tactical use.
Retspag  [Member]
9/23/2008 4:48:11 PM EDT
I haven’t trained with anything.

The one on this website looks pretty nice SPECOPS M.O. U. T. Chest Rig ( a bit expensive though)
RangemasterP226  [Team Member]
9/23/2008 4:55:03 PM EDT
Get a USGI tac vest and some pouches with it. The woodland or DCU stuff is pretty cheap these days.
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billclo  [Member]
9/24/2008 7:22:16 AM EDT
I had a pretty nice Eagle Tac vest, but I found that it got too hot. I'm looking at one of the Tactical Tailor vests.

Very true about no more than dual mag pouch; I found that in the prone position the 2-mag pouches poked me in the chest a little more than I liked; I'd love to see someone in a 3+ mag pouch on the front of their chest go prone comfortably. I am using the USGI pouches for now til I get something figured out.
Alpha-Romeo3  [Team Member]
9/24/2008 11:24:54 AM EDT
I've got the SKD version Eagle universal chest rig, it could hold up to 8 AR 30 round mags but you could get another Eagle single MOLLE mag pouch to hold your 9 th round, plus there's another room for another mag pouch or any MOLLE type accessores pouch if you want to use it.

Their price is pretty reasonable compared to other expensive chest rigs, the workmanship is excellent and made here in the USA, they got excellent reviews at Military Morons site.

I only carry either 3 or 6 mags most of the time, but I could carry as much as 12 mags with my rig if I have to (with two additional optional single MOLLE mag pouches).

SKD Version Eagle Universal Chest Rig - site link

BB868  [Member]
9/24/2008 3:55:59 PM EDT

Originally Posted By Retspag:
I haven’t trained with anything.

then you might want to reconsider the whole idea of 9 mags then. thats almost 10lbs just in ammo and does not include any other gear or supplys.

are you assulting castle Grayskull

read through this:
AR15.COM :: Forums :: Number of Mags on Go to Rig
scubastevie00  [Member]
9/24/2008 5:00:47 PM EDT
Castle greyskull would be an easy capture... All they have is bows and arrows and shit...
phoenix27  [Member]
9/24/2008 5:02:43 PM EDT
I recently purchased a 9-mag shoulder sling pouch from tone of the mil-surplus catalog houses that offers essentially 3 x 3-mag velco lid pouches joined together on an easy to carry package. I thought it was really cool and then I saw Sgt. Iceman on that HBO Series Generation Kill have exactly the same 9-mag carry pouch. Cool!
BB868  [Member]
9/24/2008 6:15:08 PM EDT

Originally Posted By scubastevie00:
Castle greyskull would be an easy capture... All they have is bows and arrows and shit...

yeah but they have Beastman!

some people already complain that 5.56 is 'inefective' against humans, how do you think it will work against him......
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