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 Bushnell TRS-25 Mount Options for Flat Top AR
AJR576  [Member]
10/11/2011 3:41:59 PM EDT
Has anyone mounted a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot on their flat top AR? I just ordered two from Cabelas I'm looking for suggestions regarding quality quick release picatinny mount options...I'm assuming I would need around .75" rise or more? I was looking at the American Defense AD-170 VPG 5 LUG but it appears to only offer a 1/2" rise and I don't believe this will be high enough?

Also, (for those who might be interested) Cabelas currently has the Bushnell TRS-25 on sale for $69.99 and Bushnell is offering a $30 rebate (until 12/31/11) on all Trophy XLT scopes which (I've read elsewhere) should be valid for the TRS-25 as well.

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C_1  [Member]
10/11/2011 4:57:26 PM EDT
I seen some folks using those little YHM and UTG risers for the TRS25 on a flat top AR.
AJR576  [Member]
10/11/2011 5:33:39 PM EDT
Thanks C_1.

Anyone using a UTG LE Rated Double Rail/3 Slot Angle Mount w/Integral QD Lever Lock System?
mndang  [Member]
10/13/2011 2:40:36 PM EDT
I used the Leapers UTG MAD0340 quick release riser. Good cowitness with my iron sights. Theres a video on Youtube that shows it.
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epsgunner  [Member]
10/13/2011 6:15:16 PM EDT
a .83" UTG riser also works FWIW.. seen ALOT or people mention that height..
ROCRESQ  [Member]
10/14/2011 9:34:50 PM EDT
I use a daniel defense 45degree mount on mine as a backup to the 10X bushnell scope, the rifle doesn't merit an Aimpoint but the TRS has never let me down
COmike  [Member]
10/15/2011 11:23:17 AM EDT
So this seems hard to believe that there are only 2 QD riser mounts to put this type of optic sight on an AR...

There are a good number of high value (cheap) for those of us that do not want to spend $500 to $600 for an Aimpoint
or similar ACOG etc. Leatherwood makes similar ones to the TRS-25. Says it has a 3 - 5 MOA sight recital for $69...

Have read good reviews on both of these optics. Have also read that the ideal sight rise to centerpoint on the sight should
be 1.46" from the rail. Seems like the correct info should be readily available on this forum someplace but I have yet to find it.
krd  [Team Member]
10/15/2011 3:59:44 PM EDT
I am wondering if the rebate is more like this....instead of $30.00
Msokol13  [Member]
10/15/2011 5:12:09 PM EDT
Originally Posted By krd:
I am wondering if the rebate is more like this....instead of $30.00

Correct. I can ASSURE you it is NOT $30.00
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