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 What size MOA is good for a red dot
BriansM4  [Member]
3/19/2011 11:57:51 AM EDT
I'm looking for a Red dot sight for my rifle. I see most MOA dots are 3-4 MOA. CDNN has a trijicon Reflex sight with a 8 MOA dot. So does the dot size matter, and what size is perfered for a general all around RDS optic???
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hughmyron  [Member]
3/19/2011 12:12:56 PM EDT
I have an Aimpoint PRO which has a 2 MOA dot and I love it. You can find it new for $400 or less.
tcs007  [Team Member]
3/19/2011 12:31:10 PM EDT
I used to think the 2 MOA was perfect. Until I tried one. The smaller dot is harder for me to pick up, so I prefer the larger dots now.

Besides, I'm not going to be making precision shots with a red dot equipped carbine. If for some reason I have to use my carbine to defend myself, the longest shot I'm going to have to make is maybe 25 yards at the most (The longest shot in my house is only 35 feet.). The furthest I would ever attempt to shoot a red dot equipped rifle is maybe 100 yards, and a 4 MOA dot would be just over 4 inches in this case. More than enough accuracy to ring a 6" steel plate.
14point5  [Member]
3/19/2011 12:42:22 PM EDT
2-4 MOA
Matt_B  [Team Member]
3/19/2011 1:10:22 PM EDT
What's the max distance you intend to shoot out to?
BriansM4  [Member]
3/19/2011 3:11:36 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Matt_B:
What's the max distance you intend to shoot out to?

My range goes out to 100 yards, but I ususally shot 25 to 50 yards(the best targets are there).
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fammyman  [Team Member]
3/19/2011 3:13:31 PM EDT
i like the 4 moa on my aimpoint the 1 on my eotech was hard for me but i have astigmatism too
Matt_B  [Team Member]
3/19/2011 4:00:15 PM EDT
Personally, I have no problem with either size of dot (2 or 4 MOA) within the confines of the range I use the optic at (300 yds or less). Given a choice, I will always go for a 2 MOA dot.
bud7h7  [Member]
3/19/2011 4:06:22 PM EDT
I prefer the 4moa comp(x) and micros. I don't shoot draped over a sandbag obsessing over tiny groups at 200 yds with a RDS.

not that there's anything wrong with that.
bjkb1f  [Team Member]
3/19/2011 4:25:04 PM EDT
I like 2 moa. Have owned 2 and 4 but prefer 2. No trouble picking it up for quick acquisition but also accurate at longer range.
TeeRex  [Team Member]
3/19/2011 4:27:53 PM EDT
At first I really liked my eotech, but now I like my 4moa aimpoint better.
Gregory_K  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 6:35:39 AM EDT
larger the dot the faster it may be. also may limits the size and range you can fire accurately at.

I use a 4moa aimpoint w/ 3x magnifier out to 360 yards on mini poppers with little problems, provided I practice before hand.
Specop_007  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 6:52:41 AM EDT
I like the EOTech solution myself. 1 MOA in the middle, 65 MOA ring on the outside.
Harv24  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 9:48:58 AM EDT
Think about the whole Point of a red dot sight....

It was designed to aid in rapid target acquisition at close quarter ranges (think 50meters and closer) in a dynamic combat environment where your moving and so are the multiple targets you are engaging. While you are under the duress of having to kill or be killed...And to give the user practical combat accuracy at those ranges.

Do you want to hunt for your dot because you got a small one so you could hit popcans at 100meters???

Look at Action Pistol shooters and what size dot they use.... there using large 6 and 8 or even 12 MOA dots because for them, it's a similar environment (the shooting close at multiple target scenario). There not trying to get them all on the same hole.... there looking for A zone hits on multiple targets as quickly as they can.

I like the 4 MOA and is the smallest I would go. I like the 3.4 MOA T-1 as well. I want to be able to pick up my dot quickly. in other words, I want to use it the fashion it was originally designed for.

You have to decide what it is YOU want it to do for YOU.
Henny  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 11:17:02 AM EDT
+ 1 To what Harv said.

Get what suits you, and don't try to confuse the purpose of a red dot sight with a scope. Keep in mind the front sight post of a carbine covers 11 moa. I've seen some impressive shots with irons! I have some pictures of Aimpoint reticles (2 & 4 MOA) Give me a few minutes and I'll see if I can find them and post them.

ETA Photos

4 MOA at 25

2 MOA at 25

4 MOA at 50

2 MOA at 50

Keep in mind, I'm not a photographer!
Harv24  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 12:20:10 PM EDT

Excellent Illustration. Look at the dot on the 2 and the 4 MOA at 50.
Anyone here think that they could not use either one to get rds COM on that target??

When folks are shooting back... the pucker factor is going to make things harder... so why make it even worse buy having a small dot to begin with.

Ben762  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 1:29:04 PM EDT
Care of mfingar IIRC

FWIW I have a 4 MOA dot and it does just fine for me.
tac45  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 5:43:06 PM EDT
Wow. The difference seems barely noticeable in those pics to me.
Python00  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 6:02:48 PM EDT

My favorite, put bullet impact at the tip of the triangle, I can use it for a more precise shot or just as a reflex
Harv24  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 6:16:58 PM EDT
Originally Posted By tac45:
Wow. The difference seems barely noticeable in those pics to me.

Exactly.. yet there are those who tout how the 4MOA is to big and what to go smaller because it's more precise.. which is exactly opposite of what the sight was designed to do.

The trouble with the theory of turning up a 2MOA to make it bigger sounds theory... but in reality, your not going to run it that bright in normal conditions, and your not going to have time to turn it up when condition's go "less then normal"..

It's kind of like the same theory how Troops will adjust there sights for distance once the shooting starts... another "theory" based on fantasy instead of experience.
Henny  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 6:20:55 PM EDT
A problem with turning the 2 MOA up to get a bigger dot is (at least for me) there is more "bloom" in the reticle. Kind of the opposite of turning a 4 MOA down to make the dot appear smaller. Sure it's smaller but it's dim!
Henny  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 6:24:08 PM EDT
By the way, here is a shot of a H1 that I had too @ 25 yards.

BillyDoubleU  [Team Member]
3/20/2011 6:44:41 PM EDT
I just had to ask my buddy what the MOA of his Aimpoint (M2) is, it's 4 MOA. I would never think it was too big and wouldn't think smaller was an option...

We can hit 'popcans' with it out to 100 yards, maybe not on the first shot but it is do able. I don't shoot them often but I love it when I can. They are just faster to sight in with.

This has been a good thread as I've always been about precision and figured the 2 MOA would be better. In reality their is no real benifit to a 2 MOA dot. When shooting under pressure a 4 MOA dot will be slightly more visible and the difference of 2"s will not be noticeable in a COM hit.

When I decide to get one, 4 MOA it shall be.
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