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 Eotech at long distances
mikeg1005  [Member]
6/29/2010 9:30:25 PM EDT
This is a thread kind of follows up on my other one.

300yds isn't exactly long, but it is long for what I want to use this rifle for.. I have a 308 to reach out and touch stuff at "long" distances.

I am wanting to build an AR to plink with and start 3 gun... maybe hunt within 150yds with it but thats on the end of the list as I do have other stuff for that.

I have had a few experiences with red dot optics.. eotech 512 being one of them.. but only within 50yds.

What I would like to do is find an optic that I could shoot a target 5-25yds away walking, then drop down and shoot something at 200-300yds, get back up and without changing anything shoot close up again.

I was thinking of doing sometime like this... zeroing one at 150-200yds. Which end up shooting high at within 100yds(but I can use the halo for faster target aquisition) and require a slight hold over at 300yds. would doing this give me the ability to do quick transitions between the distances? At the moment I plan to shoot shillouttee size targets as I don't see an AR as a precision platform but more as a combat type gun(plus I'd be shooting at the 3-gun size shillouttees, practice it since thats waht I would use in competition)

Can what I ask for be done with an eotech without the use of a magnifier?
I'd like to stick with the 512 model as I like the size(I have something against small optics, they look weird) and I like the use of AA batteries, they are easy to find and cheap so if I have them go bad, its a trip to a gas station, not trying to find a radioshack with some speical battery.

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MOUNT-N-SLOT  [Industry Partner]
6/29/2010 10:59:22 PM EDT
Hi Mike,

One of my AR's is set up to shoot the distances you are describing on the run: 25 - 300 meters.

It has a 4MOA Aimpoint Comp M2 without a magnifier mounted on a LaRue Mount. The rifle is zeroed at 100 meters. I can put the dot on a silhouette target between these distances and hit every time, without making any adjustments. The round trajectory is about 1.5" low at 25, zero at 100 and 14" low at 300. The 4MOA dot covers 12" at 300, so I hold a little high.

The 1MOA dot in your EoTech should allow you to be even more precise than my Aimpoint across this range, because the smaller dot in the EoTech does not obscure the target at 300 meters as much as the 4MOA dot in my Comp M2.

Hope this helps and good shooting!

UnauthorizedAccess  [Member]
6/30/2010 3:47:58 AM EDT
I have yet to use my Eotech at 300m. I have used it at 220m and it is mere than adequate for what you are describing as your needs. I shot LC XM193 into a 7" group at that distance with a field rest.
Tomac  [Team Member]
6/30/2010 4:00:15 AM EDT
All my Eotechs have a 50yd zero which puts me COM out to 200yds. At 300yds there's a little holdover but once learned I can consistently hit the 300m gong offhand if I do my part.
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isa268  [Team Member]
6/30/2010 6:06:05 AM EDT
FRCA_WY  [Member]
6/30/2010 6:11:55 AM EDT
I whacked a prairie dog @ 275ish yards when I had an EOTech(512) on a carbine.

It really wasn't that hard.
Pro2AinPA  [Team Member]
6/30/2010 6:16:38 AM EDT
Originally Posted By FRCA_WY:
I whacked a prairie dog @ 275ish yards when I had an EOTech(512) on a carbine.

It really wasn't that hard.

Hayseed_40  [Member]
6/30/2010 7:00:05 AM EDT
People hit targets out to 600yds with iron sights If it can be done with irons - it can be done with an Eotech that much easier...

Personally, I do not like the pixellation of the dot on the Eotech at longer disctances - I prefer Aimpoint 2moa for longer distances.
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