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 Good, low cost scope for coyote hunting
cmiller1014  [Member]
8/22/2008 9:02:35 PM EDT
I would like some crosshairs without spending $1000. I plan to hunt coyote with it. It needs to mount on my flat top bushmaster with a picatinny rail. Any suggestions?

This site had some good deals on some cheap stuff but checkout does not work:

Thanks in advance!

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ZekeMenuar  [Team Member]
8/22/2008 9:26:41 PM EDT
95_GSX  [Member]
8/23/2008 1:47:46 AM EDT
I just picked up a 4.5-14x42mm Burris Fullfield II B-Plex for $251 shipped off of Ebay. I really like Burris optics and feel that they are very hard to beat for the price. I also ordered the Burris 1" tall XTR Rings and a 3" Sunshade from for about $64 shipped. But they also back ordered them.
RRA15  [Member]
8/23/2008 5:34:02 AM EDT
+1 Burris FF II. 3-9 will be the least expensive, but 4.5-14x would be nice for long range shots.
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fdkay  [Member]
8/23/2008 5:16:08 PM EDT
How much are you willing to spend?
Nikon makes excellent stuff, buckmasters is entry level, monarch being better

I am a big believer in Mueller.

But, if you can afford 500-600, go for VX3 Leupold and you will not regret it.

+1 On the Burris, also the 4200 series Bushnell.
bukn77  [Team Member]
8/23/2008 8:23:00 PM EDT
Bushnell Elite 3200 and 4200
BravoSector1  [Member]
8/24/2008 3:49:23 PM EDT
The Bushnell 4200 Elite 6-24x40 MILDOT on E&E right now for $390...that's the one you need
PAPPYO  [Member]
8/24/2008 3:52:24 PM EDT
as posted above the sample list at SWFA. You do have to call in orders off the list though. They have quite a few factory demo and rerfurbished Nikons there. I think they start around $109.00 for 3x9 prostaffs.

The new Nikon Primos 3x9 with BDC reticle will be hard to beat for $199.00 from SWFA.
Scharfschutz  [Member]
8/24/2008 5:33:07 PM EDT

Originally Posted By BravoSector1:
The Bushnell 4200 Elite 6-24x40 MILDOT on E&E right now for $390...that's the one you need

I use the 4200 elite 6-24x mil-dot on my Rem 700 Varmint Laminate Stock 308win rifle for deer and coyotes. Very nice scope.

Also like Nikon Monarch for the money, and Leupold vx3....
bukn77  [Team Member]
8/25/2008 6:23:44 PM EDT
You can even get the tactical turrets on either the 3200 or 4200. I like that feature for yote and prairie dog hunting.
C_Rion  [Team Member]
8/25/2008 7:17:57 PM EDT
Vortex Diamondback and Viper scopes are THE BEST value VS cost, bang for your buck scopes on the market right now. High end features at the same price point as mid to low range offerings from all the other scope companies.
smokingun45  [Member]
8/26/2008 8:03:58 PM EDT
In a word.....Nikon. I have a 1/2 dozen on everything from an AR to a Kimber Pro-Varmint.
Some are Buckmaster...some are Monarch...a couple are Pro-Staff. They all work great for me and the price point on the Pro-Point will make you smile. All are covered by a lifetime warranty as well. YMMV
brasidas  [Member]
8/26/2008 8:57:09 PM EDT
4-16x50 Bushnell 4200.
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