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 Tasco ProPoint Aimpoint clone...SPOT?
h8mtv  [Team Member]
3/13/2007 10:21:46 AM EDT
Any reports on this unit and where it is made? I know some of the nicer Tasco units are made by Hakko. I am also considering one of the SPOT clones.
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oden131  [Member]
3/13/2007 5:42:42 PM EDT
mvician  [Team Member]
3/13/2007 11:01:01 PM EDT
I have a SPOT on one of my carbines. I like it.

Shooter521  [Member]
3/14/2007 7:25:26 AM EDT
I have several of the SPOTs on everything from 10/22s to AKs to an M-11/9 SMG; they've all been great.

I have examined the Tasco version at length, and while it is generally similar to the SPOT and is also made in Korea, the quality just isn't there, IMHO.

Just as the Burris XTS-135s come out of the same plant but are "ruggedized" to Burris' specs, I imagine the Tascos are made in the same place but to a different (cheaper) set of specs. The SPOT seems to hit that sweet spot in the middle of the price/quality matrix.

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