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 NC Star 4X30RE...........crap or not?
milsurp37  [Member]
11/13/2003 2:48:59 PM EDT
My neighbor has his Bushmaster rifle outfitted with this optic from "China" (I hate that country) appears to be a decent for the price optic....illuminated recticle, rubber coated, nitrogen filled.......well how about it folks.....yes or no?
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Duffy  [Member]
11/13/2003 6:56:29 PM EDT
The only things they make that are of decent quality, if you can call it that, is the AK clones. But since AK rifles are crude to begin with, they'd be hard pressed to screw that one up too. I'd stay away, I've learned my lessons in cheap shit, now I only buy ACOGs, US Optics and Leupold. I buy American jeans, cowboy boots, computers, trucks and optics, or optics from Germany, watches made in Switzerland, Italian suits. The Chicoms are not known to make anything exeptional.
Troy  [Site Staff]
11/13/2003 9:21:18 PM EDT
TANSTAAFL. You get what you pay for. And that was never more true than when it comes to optics. -Troy
Kisara  [Team Member]
11/13/2003 9:29:14 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Troy: TANSTAAFL
Cheap Chinese Crap (Even the nitrogen is fake)
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Duffy  [Member]
11/14/2003 6:25:53 AM EDT
haha, what do they do, blow into the scope?
CAR97M4  [Member]
11/18/2003 2:40:47 PM EDT
So lets hear a bit more about this than I know some body or I have heard of them or its made in China. how about purchased used and not wanted type of detail. I right now am in a test it and try . I cant afford Acogs ugh for what I do with it. I have had simmons scopes for a real long time and they seem to be really nice. they do not cost much at all good quality for the money. NC star someone wanted to sell me one but I have been reasearching for reviews of it. Their website is vague really really vague.
3rdtk  [Member]
11/18/2003 3:43:47 PM EDT
VAGUE, like what you can expect? HMMMM, since they won't tell, who cares to find out by buying one can also be our human sacrifice:) Jack
Troy  [Site Staff]
11/18/2003 11:54:52 PM EDT
Cheap optics, like nearly everything else that's cheap, are a false economy. It isn't the glass (well, sometimes it is...), it's all the not-so-visible areas where cheap scopes skimp. Reticules are often thick wires that aren't straight. Adjustment knobs aren't sealed, and the adjustments aren't repeatable. Many don't hold the adjustments, so your zero drifts as you shoot. All too often, the scope will literally start falling apart after a while, with the reticule being loose in the tube, occular bell getting loose, or losing the gas seal and having the scope cloud up. Many cheap scopes that can stand up 5 years worth of "one 20-round box of hunting ammo per year" will break the first or second time out on an AR, where you may go through several hundred rounds per range session. I know that when you see the high prices that come with quality optics, you want to believe that you can find a way to spend a lot less for something decent. The facts are, that's rarely the case. Ask anyone who owns a high-end scope (Leupold, ACOG, US Optics, NightForce, etc.) how many cheap scopes they bought originally, and where those scopes are now. I guarentee you, the answer to the second question is almost always going to be some varient of "I threw them away." That was hard-earned MONEY they threw away, but it taught them a lesson that folks are trying to teach you the easy way. Still, it's your money, so buy what you want. The only one who has to live with your decision is you. Just don't say we didn't warn you. [:)] -Troy
Silence214  [Member]
11/19/2003 1:25:05 AM EDT
Milsurp37, I have known 3 who have owned this exact scope. The optic clarity isnt bad for the price. The scope will zero and is repeatable. If you really want one, go over to the Assaultweb and look up RT. He sells them.
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