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 Cheap Master Molder Mags.
Pat  [Member]
9/6/2010 5:33:05 PM EDT
I was at a local gun show August 14-15 in Pittsburgh and happened to buy some AR-15 20 round plastic mags: Master Molder Wilson mags that the vendor said were Government over runs. Well I thought I would use these for CMP matches and save my colt mags. Now these were next to the Magpul 30 rounders that I also bought. The 30 round Magpul mags work just fine but these no name 20 rounders are junk. They load one round just fine.....but they won't hold anoother round after that because they pop out. The feed lips just won't hold the rounds. The left side of the mag is stamped Law & Gov't Use Only (in a circle) and the right side is stamped Master Molder over Wilson then N.C. USA (in a circle). The bottom of mag is stamped similar. I paid a wopping $8.50 a mag. Since I bought 4 mags I got screwed out of $34.00 in which I could have bought more Magpul mags. PAT.
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Eric  [Member]
9/6/2010 6:21:14 PM EDT
Master Molder Wilson mags that the vendor said were Government over runs.

Ah yes, the government overrun sales pitch. Total BS. The original pre-ban Thermold (aka Master Molder) mags were decent for the time, but the material used was inferior to what is currently available in products like the Pmag. Apparently the Master Molder line was resurrected and current reports are not so great.
brotherzoo  [Team Member]
9/6/2010 7:16:42 PM EDT
If they don't work, take 'em back.
stonedv8  [Team Member]
9/7/2010 5:37:36 PM EDT
Originally Posted By brotherzoo:
If they don't work, take 'em back.

Didnt read the OP post do you?

He said he bought them at a gun show mid August, he posted this first of September. Cant really take it back now can he?
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Pat  [Member]
9/8/2010 2:41:43 AM EDT
In 3 to 6 months there should be another gun show at the same Monroeville location so I hope to be able to return the garbage I bought. If anyone was at that gun show the vendor was 3 tables to the left of the main entrance when you enter the facility. There was a banner hanging with the vendor's name but I can't remember what the name was. PAT.
88_Sahara  [Member]
9/10/2010 6:25:03 AM EDT
yeah I feel like I could crush a master molder mag with my hand. And the gub'ment overrun pitch is priceless. Go around and ask vendors if they have any FN parts, knowing they don't, they'll tell you everything on thier display is Mil-spec and made by FN, even the UTG repackaged stuff. Trust them, they personally went to the mfg and picked them up.
Gregory_K  [Team Member]
9/10/2010 8:01:19 AM EDT
Pat, I'll help ya some. Don't purchase any USA or tripple K ar-15 mags.
locke12  [Member]
9/10/2010 1:01:46 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Gregory_K:
Pat, I'll help ya some. Don't purchase any USA or tripple K ar-15 mags.

Never heard of Triple K, but the two USA 30s I bought from J&T are total crap..JAM EVERY SINGLE TIME. You can put in green followers, springs, tweak the feed lips, whatever. They will not work at all.
1saxman  [Member]
9/11/2010 1:58:58 PM EDT
They're not 'Master Molder Wilson' mags. They're:
Master Molder
Wilson, NC

They have always been very marginal, maybe even total crap.
stevegc  [Team Member]
9/12/2010 5:18:44 AM EDT
No thanks, never heard anything good about them.
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