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 What's The Verdict on the DRS .223 Reloads?
JIM762  [Member]
11/29/2009 5:11:07 AM EDT
So, how's this stuff shoot?

DRS Once Reloaded Ammo
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JIM762  [Member]
12/3/2009 4:57:12 PM EDT
SMPrider112  [Member]
12/3/2009 6:24:41 PM EDT
no experience with them.....however I am not a big fan of using someone elses reloads, even factory reloads. For the price, spend a little more and buy PRVI .223.
1968  [Member]
12/4/2009 5:42:13 AM EDT
If I remember correctly DRS is Dallas Reloading. Try to Google it and see what you come up with. I am south of Houston so I don't see any of it down here so I couldn't tell you anything. The person in the other DRS thread that got locked that was asking about the manmatic, there is no website there was only 30 something made back in the 80's and I have one from what I understand Dallas Reloading has 2, the Hunting Shack has a couple and I think Black Hills have a couple. Ammoload just started making a similiar version so you could see there version on there site.
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ShooterMikeSBG  [Member]
12/4/2009 11:52:09 AM EDT
I'm not sure if the "D.R.S. Manufacturing" actually is Dallas Reloading Supply or not. I'm an old customer of theirs and have been shooting their .223 ammo since the 80s, usually shooting 5-7K rounds per year of their ammo (sitting on 10K now and no I won't sell any ). There have been a few issues, but never anything major. It mostly had to do with velocity not being what it should be, and all happened in the late 90s. However, since Dallas Reloading Supply sells everything they can manufacture to local customers at retail prices, I find it hard to believe they are supplying a 3rd party. But I don't really know. I just buy from them.
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