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 Whats the best ammo to buy for target/homedefense on my AR?
TakMike  [Member]
2/6/2008 12:51:03 PM EST
Sorry, just getting into shooting so I have some dumb rookie questions

Does it really make a difference? or should i just go with the best price?

Whats up with the grain count? what does it signify?
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skeptic  [Member]
2/6/2008 12:56:14 PM EST
Welcome to the forum.

There is a link at the top of the Ammunition page.

4th green dot down

Everything you want to know and then some.
chewbacca  [Team Member]
2/6/2008 12:57:31 PM EST
Look at the tacked self defense rounds thread. Then buy some of what you can find/want from that list and then shoot making sure the ammo you choose is reliable.

I personally am a fan of 60gr TAP, but there are many great choices.

The choice does matter. Most rounds are not designed for HD, and thus suffer when it comes to terminal effect.

Grains, abbreviated gr, is the weight of the projectile or bullet. IIRC, 437 grs equal an Oz. Make sure that what ever ammo you choose is appropriate for the twist your AR has. If you have a 1/12 barrel, then 77 gr OTMs are not a good choice, for example.
TakMike  [Member]
2/6/2008 1:04:17 PM EST
I have the M&P 15 so its a 1 in 9" twist
081420popo  [Member]
2/6/2008 2:18:21 PM EST
For non-handload I am a fan of the 60gr Hornady Tap & Corbon loads out to 3000fps.
FMJ  [Team Member]
2/6/2008 2:37:33 PM EST

best for Protection

and happens to be a MATCH GRADE BULLET

BTW my 1/9 like 77gr SMK
vapaddy  [Member]
2/6/2008 2:38:37 PM EST
437.5 as there are 7,000 grains in a pound. The key thing to note about Hornady is the bullet. There's a lot to be said for hollow point, soft point, etc. vs ball. <opinion>Unless you are likely to engage target at longer ranges stick soft/hollow points.</opinion>
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