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 .22 AR.. whats a good one to get?
SVD1963  [Member]
12/5/2011 4:05:04 PM EDT
My son (21) wants a nice .22 cal M4 clone. What's a good economical option? Are the Umarex, Chiappa good? Or should I talk him into a .223?
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carbineone1964  [Member]
12/5/2011 4:14:15 PM EDT
Forget the Chiappa or Umarex..If you can put up with the plastic lower I believe people have goodluck with the SW MP22.if you shop around you can find them at a good price..If you want a very nice one with a actual AR lower that he can swap a .223 upper on later look at the CMMG line..

The thing with the SW is the plastic lower and you cannot put a differant upper on those at all later...The CMMG .22 are a blast to shoot,my Son has one..Sounds like if he may want a .223 later on the CMMG would be the best choice then he can have both eventually.

Also DPMS has recently come out with a AR22 and though not my thing you may want to look at those also..Read through this section and it will help you decide,alot of good info here in the Rimfire section so read away..
SpecOps-13  [Team Member]
12/5/2011 4:37:47 PM EDT
There are several brands which were mentioned by carbineone1964. If you'd like a complete
rifle in 22 that could be upgraded with any AR-15 Upper in the future, CMMG has it, check the
2 pages here:

Be sure to pick one with a mil spec buffer n tube...

Dave S
jonkrider  [Member]
12/6/2011 3:06:20 PM EDT
I agree on skipping the cheaper Umarex models, as I have met guys at the range that bought the "Colt" or "H&K" branded models that are actually built by Umarex. I have the SW M&P 15-22, and it is great. My Del-ton/Yankee Hill/Magpul AR build packs a lot more punch, but when I go home from the range I spent the same amount for 550 rounds of 22LR as I do for 150 rounds of .223. If this is for you son, unless he is working full time, he'll spend all of his allowance paying for .223 ammo.

I have had great luck with just about any ammo. Federal Bulk pack, Winchester Bulk Pack are fire just fine, and the CCI stuff is even better. The magazines are easy to find (they are 25 rounders, but if I load only 24 I rarly get a jam, but the 25th round seems to give me a jam almost every time in the magazine. Another thing with the S&W is the ability to customize. I just ordered a free floating handguard and will be removing the standard quad rail. There just seems to be more accessories available for the M&P than any other 22LR.

shadowcop  [Team Member]
12/6/2011 3:14:46 PM EDT
Not really. A cmmg will accept any accessory that a standard AR will. It's made from real AR parts.
Dave N
DanaHillen  [Team Member]
12/6/2011 3:23:59 PM EDT
I am happy with my S&W.
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wreckdiver  [Member]
12/6/2011 4:07:18 PM EDT
I'd second the CMMG. Mine is a dedicated upper and it gets more trigger time than any of my other AR's.
forever4  [Team Member]
12/6/2011 5:11:23 PM EDT
I have "several" .22 ARs. The one that gets the most range time by far....the CMMG. Why? Because it is, quite simply, the best. Its a real AR through and through. Standard AR receiver, trigger (FCG) and hand guards. Its the correct weight, the right feel and balance, its an AR that just happens to shoot .22 ammo. Pop off the upper and drop on a .223 upper and its a different gun.

The Smith is a fine little plastic rifle and lots of people love them. The CMMG is a "real" AR, period. You can't out-grow it, you can update it. You can swap uppers with a .223 or any other caliber that AR's are built in. Sorry, you just can't do that with the Smith. The Smith is what it is. Its good at being a decent little .22 rifle that looks like an AR. Don't try to put a real AR upper on it....doesn't work. End of story.
dr427  [Member]
12/6/2011 7:00:13 PM EDT
I love my CMMG. I was in the same boat a couple of months ago for my 11 y/o. I wavered around what to get and even considered a Ruger 10/22 at one point, but there really is no substitute. I absolutely love having a "real" AR. I more or less have the basic "Sierra" or "Quebec" model and it works great. Leaves the bolt open on the last round. The forward assist is just a plug on mine, but CMMG does have the option of it working. You could go a little cheaper and get the CMMG upper and something like a Plum Crazy lower, but I don't know if the trigger is compatible. I went with separate CMMG uppers lowers to make mine all CMMG (i.e. didn't come from CMMG complete as a dedicated .22). My LGS built it for me. I did upgrade to make mine a floating barrel by replacing my hand guard with a one piece.

As pictured mine did get a little pricey. About $325 for upper & $325 for lower ~ $650 then another $100 for the knock off Eotech XPS ~ Forgrp/bipod $75 ~ (2) Mags at $30ea + tax and then $140 hand guard upgrade = $1000+

In the end, I should have just bought from CMMG direct and got a complete dedicated AR for $519 (QUEBEC .22LR 16 inch Rifle w/Low Profile FSB). I was caught up in the moment and didn't want to wait....

Beats the crap out of shooting and cleaning the Ruger 22/45 I sold to help fund this. Just as reliable and a hell of a lot easier to clean!!!

crosswiredmind  [Team Member]
12/7/2011 6:02:55 AM EDT
I have the M&P 15-22 and the CMMG Quebec. I love both of them. The CMMG is heavier and the M&P is slightly more accurate. The CMMG, however, is built on a standard lower so I am able to use it for any AR upper. Well, after I replaced the stock. It did not have a normal buffer. They are both great guns, but if I could have only one of them it would be the CMMG.
cantgrowup  [Team Member]
12/7/2011 8:56:52 AM EDT
I have the Colt Umarex M4, the S&W MP15-22, and a fully dedicated CMMG "Quebec-A" with all the upgrades possible. Suffice it to say, that the only one that goes to the range with me is the CMMG. The others are now gathering dust in the safe. Well, they don't actually get dusty in there, but you know what I mean.
Billsfan  [Member]
12/7/2011 9:18:43 AM EDT
Go with the CMMG and if you don't go that route you could go with the Smith and Wesson M&P 22. I have both and they are both excellent rifles. Smith and Wesson is made of polymer where as the CMMG is Mil Spec.
RegionRat  [Team Member]
12/7/2011 10:51:49 AM EDT
dr427 Nice photography too!
RRice  [Member]
12/7/2011 11:07:22 AM EDT
There's a lot of CMMG love in here. I am in the same boat as the OP except I am shopping for myself. It has come down to the M&P and the CMMG for me but I have a question;will the CMMG upper work on a lower with a Geissele trigger? My lower is sbr'd and has the Geissele trigger in it.
shadowcop  [Team Member]
12/7/2011 2:14:05 PM EDT
SpecOps has a thread somewhere on what triggers have proven to work with the CMMG.
Dave N
VASCAR2  [Member]
12/7/2011 2:47:30 PM EDT
BRD is at work in my house as I have some extra parts just waiting to be assembled. I have a new CMMG 16" barrel arriving tomorrow and will be assembled into a light weight carbine using an old Ciener bolt, flat top upper and hand guard.
wildearp  [Team Member]
12/7/2011 2:50:30 PM EDT

Originally Posted By wreckdiver:
I'd second the CMMG. Mine is a dedicated upper and it gets more trigger time than any of my other AR's.

This is the way to go. Build your own lower and go with CMMG for the upper. Mags are cheap. Having the 'real AR' lower opens up things for the future.
BillC3  [Member]
12/8/2011 6:02:41 AM EDT
I've been very happy with my Nordic upper. Haven't had any problems at all with it.
firthcpt  [Member]
12/8/2011 5:54:48 PM EDT
CMMG is the answer, upgrades are for the future. Using real a AR lower allows for future improvements. My CMMG upper has worked from the get go, enough so that I am considering selling my Spikes upper 16" to get a 16" CMMG to go with my 20" CMMG. Real AR lower are cheap now days, look at it as an investment in the future.
crosswiredmind  [Team Member]
12/9/2011 7:13:53 AM EDT
This is what the CMMG Quebec can do at 25 yards ...

RegionRat  [Team Member]
12/9/2011 9:12:00 PM EDT
What ammo did your CMMG like?
And, any idea how the bbl was chambered?
SVD1963  [Member]
12/10/2011 4:22:22 PM EDT
Thanks to everyone for their replies. The CMMG seems like the way to go. OR build a .223 rifle and use the CMMG .22 conversion kit!? Decisions, decisions!
carbineone1964  [Member]
12/10/2011 4:31:54 PM EDT
I have a CMMG stainless conversion and though they work great they are not the most accurate if thats important..They are not terrible but my Sons Dedicated upper is way way more accurate than my conversion...We bought a new Aero Precision lower locally for 80.00 and also a DPMS LPK parts kit locally for 59.00,a cheap collapsible stock for 35.00 and a scope and the 330.00 CMMG upper,they are a little higher priced now...We did some upgrades since like a stainless bolt assembly,FA and BHOA and some nice sights but the basic beggining rifle ran right at 550.00 all assembled....I do not even want to say what the bill is up to now thoughThese little .22s are a sickness for sure.. We have way more in the little plinker than I have in my 5.56 rifle but its also alot more fun and way way cheaper to shoot...

We do not shoot any competitive stuff with it so we just use Winchester bulk..Plenty good for plinking and small game and pretty clean and accurate too....
BamaInArk  [Team Member]
12/10/2011 5:17:54 PM EDT
Originally Posted By jonkrider:
I agree on skipping the cheaper Umarex models, as I have met guys at the range that bought the "Colt" or "H&K" branded models that are actually built by Umarex.

Just to clarify Umarex does not build these firearms. There are the U.S. Importer. They are built by Carl Walther in Germany. I think, at least what I hear, is that for Walther to export them they have to have a U.S. company name on them thus the "Colt" branding. Is "H&K" a U.S. company? Or someone will further clarify.

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