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 Best Way to Sight in .22 Upper
akconvert  [Member]
11/23/2011 12:03:37 PM EST
I have a Spike's Tactical Upper in .22. I want this to shoot as similiar as possible to my .223 upper for inside of 50 yards from a trajectory standpoint. What distance and POA vs POI should I be sighting this gun in for?

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Casper507  [Member]
11/23/2011 12:45:27 PM EST
Ballistics data program allows you to view what your bullet is doing in trajectory readout or database readout.

Download program plug in your 5.56 data and where it is zeroed
Then plug in .22 info trying different distances to mach trajectory data.
Look for data save to text feature to compare both data bases for the two different rounds.
On my old version I can download data base to show data for every 5 yards.
shadowcop  [Team Member]
11/23/2011 4:16:45 PM EST
Mine shoots about 2" lower at 50 yards than the 5.56 does.
Dave N
RegionRat  [Team Member]
11/24/2011 10:17:50 AM EST
A lot depends on the distance from the sightline to the bbl.

The beauty of .22LR is that you can go to the range and play more and worry less.

Why not just try and zero at 50 yards and then see what comes at the closer distances.
akconvert  [Member]
11/24/2011 2:13:47 PM EST
Shadow Cop

what was your zero to make it 2" lower at 50?
shadowcop  [Team Member]
11/24/2011 3:20:35 PM EST
We zero'd at 50 yards with the BUIS. Small aperature.
On a few of my 5.56's I use an A2 rear sight and figure out on it where I need to set it for .22 when using a conversion.
Dave N
akconvert  [Member]
11/24/2011 3:42:33 PM EST
My system is a dedicated upper so I can sight it in however I want without worry about the 5.56 zero. What range would you have POA equal POI?
shadowcop  [Team Member]
11/24/2011 3:56:39 PM EST
Maybe this will help.
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