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 Retro M16 Parts Timeline From Bingo
BROvet04  [Team Member]
2/10/2013 5:06:10 AM EDT
I found this in the Archives....wonder how accurate it is and if so can we tack it. It was originally posted by Bingo

AR-15 Parts
Lower Receiver Ass'y

Safety w/hole1959-1964
Front Takedown Pin- w/ hole1959-1964
Rear Takedown Pin- w/hole1950-1964
Front Takedown Pin- w/o hole1964-2008
Rear Takedown Pin- w/o hole1964-2008
Mag Catch with small hole1959-1964
Mag Catch 1964-2008
Mag Catch Button- Straight Lined Pattern1959-1962??
Mag Catch Button- Circular pattern- Fine Lines1963-1966
Mag Catch Button- Circular pattern- Coarse Lines1967- 2008
Bolt Stop- Early Lined Flat End1959-1963
Bolt Stop- Mid Transitional- Lined Lower Part1964-1965
Bolt Stop- Late1964-2008
Hammer- C with # inside cirlce
Hammer- No markings
Trigger- C with # inside circle
Trigger- No markingd
Trigger Pin Grey
Trigger Spring
Hammer- PinGrey
Hammer Spring
Disconnector- Low cut1959- 1965
Disconnector- High cut1966- 1982

Stock Group- Shorty
Collaspible Stock1967-197???
Buffer Spring- Shorty1967-2008
Buffer- Shorty Red Plastic End1967-1982
Buffer Tube- 2 position1967-1982
Locking Ring w/ 1 hole1967-1982
Locking Ring Plate1967-2008

Stock Group- Rifle
Buttstock Ass'y w/o butt trap- Type "A"1959- Brown Painted Green 1st- 100 produced
Buttstock Ass'y w/o butt trap- Type "B"1959-1962 Green Painted
Buttstock Ass'y w/o butt trap- Type "C"1963- Early 1964 Metal Sling Swivel
Buttstock Ass'y w/o butt trap- Type "D"Early 1964-1969
A1 Buttstock w/ Trap- Type "E"1969-1982
Buffer- Early Edgewater1959-Used until 12/66
Buffer- Standard 12/1966, 1967-1982 early red wine colored end
Buffer Tube- with hole1959-1966
Buffer Tube- Standard1967-1982
Stock Screw1959-1966
Stock Screw with drain hole1967-1982
Pistol Grip- Brown1959- Brown Painted Green 1st- 100 produced
Pistol Grip- Green1959-1962
Pistol Grip- Mottled1963-1964
Pistol Grip A11965-1982
Pistol Grip Screw & Washer1959-1982

Upper Receiver Ass'y
A1 Upper Receiver w/o FA1959-1970
A1 Upper Receiver w/Fwd Asst1964-1982
Tear-Drop F/A1964-1982
A1 Ejection Port Cover Early Square- 1959-Dropped in 1964
A1 Ejection Port Cover Rectangle 1964-1982
Charging Handle Triangle- AF only1959-1964 Replaced 1964
Charging Handle1964-2008

Bolt Group
M16 Bolt Carrier- Chromed- Slabside1959-1964
M16 Bolt Carrier- Parked- Slabside1965-1966 only Used on 610 model also
M16 Bolt Carrier- Chromed Serated1964-1965
M16 Bolt Carrier- Serated Parked un-marked1965-1966
M16 Bolt Carrier- Serated Parked "C" marked1967-1995
Bolts- Complete- Chromed Marked "MP"- Lg Band1959-1964
Bolts- Complete- Chromed Marked "MP"- Sm Band1959-1964
Bolts- Complete- Parkerized- "MP" Marked1965-1966
Bolts- Complete- Parkerized- "MPC" Marked1967-1995
Bolt Cam Pin- Parkerized1966-2008
Bolt Carrier Key Chromed1959-1964
Bolt Carrier Key- Parkerized1965-2008
Firing Pins- Old Style "Fat End"1959-1962
Firing Pins- Middle Style "Square End"1963-1966
Firing Pin- Current1967-2008
Firing Pin Retaining Pins- Chromed1959-1964
Firing Pin Retaining Pins- Cotter Pin1964-2008

Barrel Group
Barrel "W" marked 1-14 twist1959-1962
Barrel "VP" "12" marked1963 Late 601, 602
Barrel "M VP" "12" marked1964-1965 XM16E1, 604, 605
Barrel "MP" "12" marked1965-1966
Barrel "MP C" markedOct 1967-1969
Barrel "C MP C" marked1969-1971
Barrel "C MP B" marked1971-1973
Barrel C MP Chrome Bore" marked1974-1982

Front Sight Base- Cast1959-1963
Front Sight Base- Forged1964-1966 Flashing Machined
Front Sight Base- Forged with Drain Hole1967-1982 Flashing Machined
Front Sight Base- Forged with Drain Hole1969-1982 Bell & "C" Marked

Gas Tube Standard- Steel 1959-1963??
Gas Tube Standard- Stainless Steel
Gas Tube Standard- Longer Bend Stainless Steel1964-200???
A1 Handguards- without holes1963-1965
A1 Handguards- Dull with holes1966-1982
Gas Tube Shorty 1967- 2008
A1/A2 Shorty Handguard1967-199???
10" Barrels- Standard 1965 607
10" Barrels- Standard Nov 1966- March 1967 609- Fwd Asst/610- Slab Side
A1 11.5" Barrels- Standard 1966-1967
A1 11.5" Barrels- Standard 1967-1982 Bayonet Lug Ground Off
A1 Slip Ring Smooth1963-1974
A2 Slip Ring Delta1969-1982
Duckbill Flash Hider1959-1963
3- Prong Flash Hider1963-part of 1967
A1 Flash Hiderpart of 1967-1982
A1 Lock Washer1959-1982

Lower Receivers
601 Mfg'd 1959-1963Flatside
602- Mfg'd 1963 - 1964 Majority to AFFlatside
603/E1 Mfg'd 1964 - 1967XM16E1 Lower
603/A1 Mfg'd 1967 - 1982A1 Lower
604 Mfg'd 1964 - 1967, 1970XM16E1 Lower 1964-5 Upper has thinner arrow
605- Mfg'd 1965XM16E1 Lower Receiver
607 Slabside or Fwd Assist UpperXM16E1 Lower Receiver
609 1966-1967 w/ Fwd AssistLate 1966- early 1967 XM16E1 Rec- Late A1 Receiver
610 Slabside UpperLate 1966- early 1967
XM177E2 Mfg'd 1967-1970A1 Lower
651/652 Mfg'd 1970-1974?A1 Lower
654 No F/A 1971 - 1984A1 Lower
723 1980'sA2 Lower
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b_rogers  [Team Member]
2/10/2013 8:58:05 AM EDT
Cool list, thanks for sharing!

I think the 607 was a 10" barrel, not a 10.5"
boywonder777  [Team Member]
2/10/2013 6:26:25 PM EDT
this needs to be revised:

Bolt Cam Pin Chromed1959-1966

i don't think a chrome bolt cam pin ever existed, if it was chrome, it was from use and wear.
GI-45  [Team Member]
2/10/2013 6:30:43 PM EDT
653/653 No F/A 1971 - 1984A1 Lower

This is incorrect as well. The 653 has a forward assist, but the 654 does not.

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irish132  [Team Member]
2/10/2013 8:26:00 PM EDT
Does anyone have information on when the lug on the chrome extractors changed? The old style is squared in the rear instead of angled:

BROvet04  [Team Member]
2/11/2013 1:30:33 AM EDT
Edited with changes also any way we can get this tacked? I will make the changes when you guys send me updates. Let me know if something looks wrong and I will fix it.
fal72con  [Member]
2/11/2013 5:18:37 AM EDT
Tack please, with corrections and pictures where appropriate (ie low vs high disconnector). Thanks for finding this.
I-LUV-AR15s  [Member]
2/11/2013 6:23:58 AM EDT
Originally Posted By irish132:
Does anyone have information on when the lug on the chrome extractors changed? The old style is squared in the rear instead of angled:

That's something I've been wondering about for a while now. I have yet to see an answer.

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